Of dying hopes, a fading voice and love forever.

She never left staring outside the window since the last two days.

In spite of the world tried to convince how impossible it was, she felt content and hopes of finding those precious memories she seem to have now lost. May be she will hear the thunderous sound of his bike once more which would freeze right outside her house and she could reach out to the door to hug him again.

Time froze in those moments
Earth used to skip a spin
Her thoughts used to fade
With him, everyday a new life begin.

Even against her hopeless hopes, the unchanging view outside the window made her think how dwelling on past is useless and there is nothing to happen, anymore. But Arjun remained in her breaths, her soul.

"Why don’t you ever get fat?" he had teased her once, leaning towards her while she enjoyed her favorite chocolate ice-cream. She looked at at him and her smile widened. The dimple was back on her cheek as she grinned at him, her blue eyes shimmering like the sun-kissed surface of some perpetually tranquil ocean. Her hair was a piece of art in itself, glowing with masterful strokes of brown and auburn and gold.

They shared those moment like
Riding on a wondrous flow
Of love's mighty river
Such passion no one ever know.

Back in the present, she lost a breath and skipped many heart-beats at the almost tangible memories of his hands. By fate’s cruel ways, life ensured that she would never feel those strong hands around her again.


But his touch wasn't all that she longed for. Nor was his smile. What she wished for the most was the sound of him saying her name:


Amazing when someone in love with you, how they take your name is different. You know your name is safe in their mouth. The sound of it in his mouth was exquisite, like chocolate melting slowly on the tongue. Whether it was a soft, intimate murmur or a faraway call, the sound was just as beautiful. But...
No, she thought, moving away from the window for the first time since his funeral. He would never be completely gone nor would he be completely hers anymore, thought Isabel.


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to express love. & even more beautiful way to make one think how, yes, when their loved ones take their name; it IS different.

Just thinking why most love stories have a sad end. But I guess thats how it is.

Good one S :)


mahua said...


Anonymous said...

Very poignant! and touching too :-)

Ann said...

You've always been so creative and I really appreciate your writing skills..Keep Posting :)