Who Am I?

"Being me.."

                    However I may be.
                             Carved by this world,
                  Not always understood. 

                      I am as you know. 
                                Of a race, ethnicity or a sexuality. 
              A narcissist, a random stranger, or unappealing you see. 
                        Popular and attractive or just plain carefree. 

                      I think what I feel. 
               Not what they ask me to. 
                      With their tricks and the perks they offer.
           To try and mold me into one of them. 


                         I can be me, no one else. 
         Not by any conscious decision.
   I am just my mind's honest creation . 
                           Being me is just a feeling 

       That no one but I understand. 
                                      May not be as easy to say.
                       And not delivering the answer straightaway.
                                                  Which gets me back to, "I am me. Happily me!"

1 people read and said:

PiCee said...

This is soo very true .... we are all bogged down by other's perceptions, expectations. But there's no other feeling than being just wat one is!! Very beautifully written.