Some smiles are beautiful enough to assure innocence still exists!

She is too pretty; I knew no word combinations could describe her truly.
Her engulfing eyes, her hair full of shine, wish I could call her mine.

Was it her charm or her smile, the best words escaped my lips;
Or was it her defined grace, or the sway of her hips?

The way she dreams, like a Princess with a magical wand,
Blame me but I had my tongue suddenly turned to sand?

Her voice so adorable, just like the ways she greets,
She is an Angel, I should soon meet.

Flawless is, as flawless does,
Outrageous yet admirable like a dove.

Ask me if there is something more, untold well?
Make her smile and that should tell.

Once thought of just another girl,
I was wrong, she is hidden treasure, a pearl.

A radiant Beauty that shines for all to see,
And some smiles are beautiful enough to assure innocence still exist!

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Rg said...
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Rg said...

heyaa..nice post..i randomly landed at ur writing space..n i can't stop reading myself..each and every post is well written..actually inspiring..suprb..:) :)