Deep, the bullet lies..

"Dammit! Don’t you feel anymore? Are you so cold now!?"

Her word shook me inside out. I looked up from my laptop and out of the fogged window-glass. I always loved cold. Pushed the window open, felt the air on my skin and watched it play with her hair.

"I’m talking to you, hello?"

"… Hmm," I said still staring at golden flowing hair and her skin, which has the color of life.

"Is your heart dead? Can nothing move you?"


 How I wished I could show her the endless pages of poetry, I wrote for her.

"No, I mean yes," I answered her question in the best way I could’ve ignored it.

"You know you can ignore me, not what you feel. I know you’ve always loved…"

Then! I didn’t kiss her, I should’ve. Just didn’t..

"I can see love in your eyes, but they’re too dry.."

"Yes," I hardly managed to whisper.

"Tears died?"


"Speak up, then. Hug me. Hurt me too, for what I’ve done to you. Let me feel you once more, please.. Breathe life in me.."

I closed my laptop’s screen, the light was hurting my eyes. There is some part of me that hangs on every word I don't speak. But I think twice. Thrice. I keep thinking, and never speak. Won't. Or can't. I swallowed the words back and expected to hear some sort of rebuke, but there's nothing. 

There was just me.

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