Hopeless Romantic .. Not me!

Some say they are hopeless;clip_image002

.. or at times aimless or helpless;

.. purposeless, they can be too;

.. I say they are shameless ! ;)

Call it deception, thawing of frozen hearts, rides, drum brakes, cycle rickshaw or with those hyper reactive keywords to compare your life to a poem .. some rotten minds put the cart before the horse and most likely burden their friends with expenses for their cry-baby behavior, never ending sad stories, their pessimism, nerve jerks, etc. So, beware those “hopeless romantics” and crooning songbirds who simply cannot live without your (so called desperate) love.

If you are a “hopeless romantic”, it’s not all bad, though. Every new acquaintance is looked upon as potential for the one true love. You are ‘perpetually’ optimistic, certain that your soul mate is just around the corner. You enjoy the thrill and anticipation that each relationship brings. As a downside, you are governed by emotion, rushing into relationships, hoping they will be "the one". The preconceived idea of the perfect relationship inadvertently causes you to sabotage yourself. Frequently you expect your latest love interest to live up to unrealistic ideals. What happens, the ‘hopeless’ one disappoints the other and part, or fall helplessly in love, yet again and live happily ever after (in the poems).

Get a life, the self proclaimed hopeless lovers, love is not only a boyfriend girlfriend thing, talk about mother’s, father’s, daughter’s, son’s, sister’s or brother’s love or for heaven’s sake leave love alone. Though I can make it easy for you, talk about the love for attention or for money ! ;)

It is evident that most people do not understand the true value, meaning or definition of the word love. Admiration, caring and respect are the cornerstones of love. I'm not going to look up any definitions of love, it is plain and simple, either you do or you don't. And those who cannot will never have known that there was something to live for.

P.S. resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is ABSOLUTELY intentional and you might judge this an attempt to teach some people lessons of life !! :P

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Neha said...



Neha said...

Love is over-hyped. Even if you are in a relationship it can more appropriately said "being happy" rather then "being in love". Being hopeless is not a crime only until you are not attention seeking. Love concepts are popular no doubt but as you said its not only gf/bf thingy. I never resorted love as BLIND or UNCONDITIONAL. Its more practical to me and life has many more dimensions then love! Not thrashing love but not backing it either.

Though I can make it easy for you, talk about the love for attention or for money ! ;)
(good 1 ) :P


Anonymous said...

reminds me of the person who lives in front of my room...
who is that by that way?

Anam Siddique said...

Leave love alone :) really!!
BTW, khamosh-mohabbat-karne-wale always rock :D :P and yeah, cry-babies are interested in your things as much they want you to pamper them.
Crystallization is what happens (almost always) and ruins love or it's better if I say not-so-love.

Anonymous said...

lol, i kno! these fake selfish people are buying the same kind of masks it seems - the "hopeless romantic" masks

Apparently Intellectual said...

Okay i hate to agree with you but saale tu ek dum sahi bola! every word in this post makes sense to me! Especially the part where u say love either happens or it doesnt..there is no may be.
And also abt how we start hoping abt every new guy that he might be the one..our dream lover..hamara raaj kumar..
Could really identify with the post!

Harini said...

Hmmm... Love, well people just mistake the word love so much dont they? Love just takes u to gf-bf thing but u never think about love for other things like parents, friends, dogs, cat... and so on. So yeah, i kinda agree with u on that thing.

Anonymous said...

That was mean Sourav :P I do get your point though, you're post is on pretty solid lines..

S said...

Well I LOVE YOU too in that case NEHA HADKAR :P

Over-hyped .. AGREE !
Being happy is the way to be !
And being hopeless is off course NOT a crime, unless one is GAY ;)

This post was long due Neha .. I generally don't keep dues for long .. had to pay it back in full with interests ;)

P.S. Love is old :P

S said...

RSV .. tujhe personal chat pe batata hu bhai, hai ek gay :P

S said...

Anam .. yes, love should be left alone, really :D

Agree ..khamosh baaten aur pyaar is the best way to be in love :)
And cry babies are not always babies .. And some people make their own living uncomfortable, let alone love!

And I'm honored with the first ever Anam's comment on a blog :P

S said...

Miss Anonymous (no.1) I'm not sure who you are, but I guess this comment comes from across the border:P

And you bet, I agree to you .. and in the end they forget who they really were, carrying that mask !!

S said...

Miss Prachi .. the Abusingly intellectual :P

I know a lot about love, in and out of it a lot of times, you see :P

And stop waiting for the Raj Kr. :P

S said...

Harini .. Love is often confused with so many things .. Blame it on Hindi movies or us .. but, it is !

Well somehow I'm getting everyone to agree here :D

Fareed said...

To misquote some dead old guy; sentimentality and not hatred is love more endangered from.

S said...

Anonymous # 2 .. The diplomatic murderer, another friend from across the border .. and I know who u r :P

And as I always say, I don't keep dues .. who knows better then you though, I was sure of getting a point across even with the title :P ;)

And then she cribbed some more... said...


G said...

wow..what a harsh one!..

I say whatever! Love is love!..if you find it..you believe in it..and that keeps you and the rest of the world happy! It gives you a reason to smile everyday!..it gives you a reason to laugh at silly things..it gives you reasons to talk for hours and hours even if you don't have anything to talk about!

And if you don't find it... you can find ways of criticizing it or maybe reasoning it in a way or the other...I don't know..i seem to be making any sense or not..lol...

I am not saying that omg..i hate you or anyone else for opposing it so strongly..no no no ;) ..but... i don't know.. being so harsh and mean about it.. =( ..i don't like fights.. =( they scare me... dues or whatever.. hehe...

Yeah, but I do agree that love is of different kinds... one thing I don't like anyone doing is "do you love me more or your family" =| ..err... For me..my love for my bf/life partner/soul mate is one kind of love..and the love for my brother/mom/dad/dog/cat/birds/sea/clothes/shopping/gadgets..(you get my point..yeah?? =D)..are different kinds of love...doesn't mean that it's not "lovee" ....oh lord..im confused now...

hence..signing off.. ;)
take care.. =)

Jaunty anima said...

Sourav...U ROCK totally, completely !!!

U spoke my heart!!!
Aur kya bolun???

I hope the lesson has been taught by Priest Sourav and equally understood by the followers!!

N hope these followers are not dumb to get it right...coz this was a much needed lesson for some people who keep torturing , in fact electrocute you each time you talk to them or read what they have to say....

So Sourav Pandey! Take a bow!!

S said...

Fareed .. don't know who said this, but it seem quite true !

S said...

Just another girl .. Yeah, you said a lot! :|

S said...

Gargi .. phew !
Love is love, true, keeps you happy, give you smiles, reasons to live .. fine good .. but is love only about bf/gf thing ! NO !

You made sense, all right but there are things you wanted to say, but you couldn't express .. is it !

Neither am I some anti-love person, nor I fight usually .. but some people deserve something 'special' at times ;)

OKAY .. Have you been asked this ques, coz this is what most people prefer not to ans ;) .. and when in doubt, it's better to be confused .. but now I'm getting confused :P

Would love to see you around more .. you too take care ! :)

S said...

Rhythm .. There she is :D
Thank you .. Thank you :D :D

Let me just be me, not some priest or Godly figure .. yes excess of anything is not good, and that's what happens with 'love' .. cry babies and hopeless people get in to my nerves !

Accepts your bow and bows back .. Hi5 :D

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

CutePriya said...

Hi Sourav,

This is exactly how I feel... "Get a Life"... Stop pissing others with cry-baby behavior and start living for yourself...

Unknown said...

The reason u wrote this post is very well known to me but still a person like u who keeps falling in love again & again can never understand the feelings of a person who is truly in love & I truly believe that special person comes only once in life.
Its really foolish to compare any type of love ,a sensible person would never do that as its said that everyone has its own special place in each one's life.
Expressing or doing anything in love doesn’t make you “hopeless romantic”, even you do all those hopeless things when u fall in so called your love. So it does’nt make any sense that u intentionally hurt someone. & i am very sure you would have never written this if you were truly in love .Today only I heard few lines..
"So tell that someone that you love
Just what you're thinking of
If tomorrow never comes"
Still i agree & liked few things in your post.. :)

S said...

Priya .. Cry babies end up crying only, and living for one self is the mantra :)

Kay said...

hoplessly loving your rant! :)

S said...

Pooja .. not your fault, you got me wrong here .. but then I can't help 'over-sensitive' people, who oppose the human nature and are not open to views !

We shouldn't be bothered much about people, who keep making issues out of people falling in and out of love .. don't forget we are human, and it's in our nature to love. Well in stead of tagging me as someone 'who-never-really-loved' .. think about the courage I should have to get back on my feet, and yes love all over again, afresh !:)

I'm not AGAINST love, I'm FOR love, which is real ! :)

And yes I'm sure you didn't understand what the term 'hopeless romantic' means .. it's more with people who fall in love with just anyone they meet, not coz of the hopeless things they do !!

Try liking this song too ..
*I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone*

.. in the end, it's just you for you ! :)

Take care

S said...

Kay .. nice to have you back and make you love my rant ;)

Romeo Das said...

I completely agree with u Saurav….and from my point of view, these guys who like to call themselves “Hopeless Romantics” are usually the ones who are single & frustrated..

They are actually the ones who cant even trim the trauma out of their own lives and then end up with their “cry baby behavior” and “never ending sad stories”………

Blinded by their idiocy (which they refer to as “hopeless romantic” attitude), they love to dream that a happy ending should always be the one, whose concluding lines would be “and they lived happily ever after”……rather than even thinking once practically that may be the happy ending is just-“ moving on”.

Loved your post bro…:)

S said...

Romi .. As with the term, hopeless-es are hopeless, just the degree differs .. no matter in what context ;)

Trim the trauma of their own lives, blinded idiocy .. well said, way to go *whistles* .. am actually forcing you to make a blog now, I'll do the publicity, you pay me later !! :P

No, they never move on, they crib on and on .. and yeah ON !

Thanks and take care :)

Meneka said...

I like the image =P
*thawing of frozen hearts, rides, drum brakes, cycle rickshaw or with those hyper reactive keywords to compare your life to a poem* .. these lines are stuck in my head and refuse to go, never have I seen such beautiful comparison of love :*

You never keep dues, I know that, whoever this post was pointed at, just had some bad time. I sympathize with the patient here =P

Yes, either love happens or it doesn't !

Fan of your writing, even before you realized .. Take care :)

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

loved reading this post ,love has taken a whole different meaning these days ,ur post clearly illustrates the facts :)

hey am not able to find u in my blog these days ?????? why so ???????

Ordinary Gal said...

it was a nice post. Agreed with u. Silent Love is one of the most beautiful form of a love and I am in Love silently with things around me :)

Unknown said...

Inspite of your diplomatic & calm reply.. my views are still same . Someone who himself is ‘over-sensitive’ calls me the same is hilarious & yes i am very much open in giving & taking views . :P
Yeah I know you are not at all against love, you are very very much FOR love. Ofcourse its human nature to love but someone like you who has courage of starting afresh each time is really worth appreciating. sometimes there are somethings which simply cannot be.. but still i dont understand how can u have same feelings everytime u fall in love & this is the reason you yourself are “hopeless romantic” ,according to your own explanation. ;)
I am not against any thing & what u wrote is true & pleasant.. but its just that people like you who themselves are “pyaar-pyaar type” & fall in love again & again ,should accept the fact that they are the one who are the biggest “hopeless romantic”.
Listen this now..

"I have always loved you
There's never been anyone else
I knew you before I knew myself
I have always loved you "

.. in the end, it's just you for you ! ;)

you too TAKE CARE. :)

Sh@s said...

Hmmm....some dhisoom...dhisoom goin on here.

Well its difficult to define love in its true essence. We can only describe the various shades of love and one can do it only if one has experienced those shades of love.
Well-written dude!!

Blunt Edges said...

lol...someone certainly has some issues with love! ;)

i agree its way too over hyped! liked the frankness in your writing :D

S said...

Meneka.. you likethe image, coz your handwriting matches with this iamge's ! :P

Partial credit goes to someone else,will let you know ;)

Thanks for liking, since always .. take care, you too :)

S said...

Sathish .. agree love is not what it used to be, once :)

Apologies for not being there on your .. will catch up on all that I have missed :)
Take care !

S said...

Ordinary Gal .. Silent love is the purest .. and I'm sure your are really happy with your share of love :)

S said...

Calm I always am :)
You don't give views, you enforce them, and the block in your mind is quite evident with being stern in your unconsolidated and strange views!

Being emotional, is certainly not being over sensitive .. you should really find out, what I meant.. :)

Love for anyone can never be the same, and judging it's degree or velocity is sheer foolishness. And falling in 'love' is being a romantic, hopelessness is when you think you are in love, but it was just some illusion .. Am I clear! :)

And songs are meant to be nice, I can send you thousand depressive songs .. reality is life and we live in real, not in some Enrique song .. btw there is this song "I don't why, I love to see you cry" .. care to know more, do you" ! ;)

Be good :)

S said...

Shas .. Haha :P

Love is undefinable, agree .. I've lived love, but still love refuse to be honest to me ;)

Thank you and take care Shas :)

S said...

Blunt Edge .. yes, lol .. but love always had issues with me, it's not my fault ;)

Thank you .. I'm bluntly frank, though not as edgy .. welcome here :)

Unknown said...

It does’nt seem u were actually calm when u wrote that reply. :P

The very first word which came to my mind is “experience” which you completely have in everything whether its in love or writing .Generally we don’t agree on anything but still you made yourself very much clear this time & to completely agree with you.. I think i need to come out of that one true love concept & start getting some experiences in love now. ;)
Now I really don’t care to know more, it was more than enough to realize so many things & yes no need of sending any more depressing songs as u have already given thousands of them. :P
I know one thing for sure…you love to see me cry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Firstly thank u so much for droppin by my blog..:) And ur link did want me leave a foot print here.Hopeless romantics is what u are talkin abt eh?

Well,i dont see anything wrong in that one.And what makes u think that all hopeless lovers only mean their BF's Or GF's?? Isnt love nice enough to be optimistic about?? Every feeling has some negative tags attached to it..Love also comes with lust aint it?? And as u said, caring,respect also comes with it...so its a complete game.And if u are game for it,uve learnt the trick.Nothing to do with self proclaimed hopeless romantics as such..:)

S said...

Pooja .. Growing up is fun, try it, come out of the kindergarten world and I'm a born sadist ! :D

S said...

Thanks for coming Madhu :)

Not being defensive really, but the misconecption about 'Hopeless Romantic' continues .. your comment was completely off the text .. And yes Love is not at all a game :)
Take care :)

The Speaking Wood said...

Wow...isn't it strange everyone knows so much about love and there is hardly any love around (by love i mean that feeling which cannot be described, has no bounds, no limits, is free)

Honestly "The Hopeless Romantic" was actually suppose to be that kind of a person, who could find romance in the most strangest of places and it was not bound by anything...it could be something like the raindrops falling on your head...the breeze caressing your face while riding on a bike.... :)

But with the changing definition of things in today's world, somewhere the romantic got lost i guess!!!

Great post, My first time here and sure won't be the last, looking forward to some interesting read, Cheers!!!

S said...

Dagny ..
Love is one highly debatable and research-able subjects !

You are one of the really FEW people who could really understand, what I really meant when I said "The Hopeless Romantic" against, what others conceived it to be !

And the Hopeless stays on ;)

Would sure look ahead to read more of you here and on your blog as well .. Take care :)

Tweety said...

i am in love with your blog...genuinely... :D :P

Saad Shaikh said...

Sourav Bhai.. you've made me think about the way I think.. :P I'll ensure I don't turn into one hopeless romantic.. well, imagine Romantic PJs.. :P

and your "intentions" were interpreted much to what you intended.. :P Amit.. kidhar hai?? :D

loved the last line abt love and life.. tussi chaa gaye! :)

Shruti said...

I have something for you!
See This

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Sourav...... loved ur post...
:) should i say that was the most hilarious way of telling someone ur Point..... :)

Haddock said...

I think its something to be experienced.

S said...

Thanks Tweety .. And btw, I like people who use smileys ;) :P

@Saad Sahab .. We are good with PJ's, be it romantic or errotic :P
I think you are too loud about my intentions .. that could hurt someone ;)

Waise bhai tune udaane ki koi degree li hai kya :P

S said...

Thanks Shruti :)

Thanks Devil .. tried to be hilarious, while not being chivalrous ;)

S said...

Haddock, welcome to the blog and try being the real hopeless romantic, it's a nice thing to do ! :)

Shruti Vajpayee said...

hahaha! maturity is when you learn to laugh at yourself! i have ! :P and i identify completely with the first paragraph! Absofuckinlutely true! XD :P CHEERS man!

Tilak Vunde said...

The person with Responsiblity will never feel hopeless. Be responsible first for yourself and for the people who are supposed to take care and the people who are taking care of you now and in past.

Tilak Vunde said...

Hey be Responsible you never feel hopeless

S said...

Shruti - I like the newly coined term "Absofuckinlutely" true !! :P

S said...

Tilak - I'm sure your advice is worth noting, but you to failed to get the essence of the post. Thanks for coming to the blog anyway .. Take care :)

Kn said...

Heyy Sourav !! So very well written !! I can't agree more, people aften mistake all other kind of things 4 love... Infatuation, attraction, lust, crushes, friendships, obsession, madness- everything that messes up a person is labelled "Love", although wrongly...
Love is something we humans can nt really define, can we ever :-) ???

Sopalakish said...

(Y) nice!

Rocksa said...


The post sure made me think. It's awesome! Well hopeless romantics are the ones in love with love. The idea of romance,is idealistic(Mr/Ms.Right concept)in the case of hopeless romantics which is not quite approved by the realists! A realist would prefer being shot in the head than accepting the whole 'Walt Disney' idea of love!

The 'hopelessness' often arises either due lack of opportunity to experience love or wasted opportunities due to lack of audacity or having a preconceived notion of love in its truest form which is a rare phenomenon!

Emotions are fine where as sentiments could be harmful!

The hopeless romantics ought to realize that relationships work when one learns to hope less and expect lesser :)

As for love, well one has to love oneself to be able to love others.Self-pity is the mother of the cry babies ;)

Waiting to read more such posts from you :)

Anonymous said...

kyaa karta hai tu..
chaa.. mere jaise hopeless romantics ko badnaam kar diya :P
but well m not as dumb as those souls u mentioned to search my perfect one everywhere n anywhere :P
hum thode pricey bacchu :P
like Bournville :P
"u have to earn it"

but why u promoting old post now :O

Alcina said...


All expressions are coming out one after another after each and every line..

P.S.-Great message ;)