Love – beyond realms!

Sahil catches her from the back while she was yawning. Prisha gets mildly taken aback but lets go herself while he holds her. She closes her eyes and whispers into his ears, “Sahil.. I..” He shuts her up with a kiss. They kiss deeply and Prisha blushes. She hugs him tight and feels more protected than she ever felt in her life. Sahil goes wild with passion. She no longer can take his wildness and tries to run away from his grip. Sahil murmurs, “Baby, you want me to keep kissing you, don’t you!” She flushes and he kisses her on her neck, feels her sweetness. Prisha feels a gush of heat within her. He grips her tightly sensing her vulnerability and bites her lips. She loosens her body. Sahil starts exploring her body slowly which scares her. He draws her closer to him to make her feel loved. 

Sahil whispers, “I want to see more of you beautiful, I want to make you more beautiful.” Prisha’s heart starts pounding. She whimpers a mild ‘No’, which goes unheard. She places her palm on his eyes but he holds her away from himself to see the beauty he was dying to see. She runs for cover while he snatches her dress, unearths the real beauty and feels her. He starts hurting her to which she bites him. He presses himself on her while she moans. She feels him all over and unties her hair. She breaks away, dims the light. He goes to her, turns the lights on again and stares at her. She runs and turns her back to him. He holds her and kisses her on her back. He holds her so close to him that leaves no gap between her and him; not even air passes by. She lets go and rests her head on his bare chest and he plays with her hair. She digs her nails deep into his back nastily which gets him wild while gives in to his demand. He lifts her and throws her softly to the bed. She lies there and waits for him. He pounces on her and she calls out his name softly. He holds her and makes sure he sees the beautiful, completely. 

He exclaims, “You look amazing baby!” She demands of him to be in the same state as she is in. He obliges and while he is in the same state, plays with her beauty and with his soft finger touches her. She flinches and moans. She feels him too. He realizes she has given up completely; so he presses, kisses, tastes her all over.

She cries and kisses him on his chest. He holds her, assures her for being just his for the eternity; hugs her in his safe arms. She feels warm and safe and whispers into ears, “I LOVE YOU!” He feels he has just experienced the MOST PRICELESS gift of his lifetime and tries holding back his tears but fails and gives up. She kisses his cheeks and the tears rolling by. He says, “I LOVE YOU TOO!” He can see the mirror in her eyes, which says we will be happy till they die and blessed after that. She just lies in his arms. He finds the world as beautiful, like never ever before. She feels protected, safe; no one can come in between them. She is too important for him. He says to her, “I'll be yours even after I die.” She replies, “I want you to be mine, in this life, in all other births I take.” Sahil feels she has just said something, which leaves him speechless, and he just smiles and loves her uncontrollably. She tells him, “Baby it's time to sleep! You got to go to work tomorrow.” He mischievously says, “Love, make me tired, and I'll go to sleep” and smiles sheepishly. “There’s a lot of time left for all this, not now, it’s a bit too soon”, she explains. He agrees, because she is the princess he loves, more than just these things. She loves him all the more and kisses him all over again. Her beauty becomes too much for him to handle now. She says lovingly, “It's you who makes me feel beautiful; your look, your touch.” He says, “Baby, you look majestic” and he denies the credit, and won't stop till he should. She becomes uncontrollable too now, feels like being with him all night. He had sensed that a long time back, holds her hand tight. They are just about to experience the most treasured experience of their lifetime. 

Sahil is too lost in her beauty, decides it's time to get into her deep, but makes sure she is not hurt, much. But she is sure he won't hurt her, she trusts him. “I just want to forget everything else and get lost in you; and Sahil you are all that I know now”, she says. Sahil makes her feel him, as gently as he could, while holding her hands and looking straight in to her beautiful eyes. She whispers his name silently, and holds him tight. He is too engrossed in feeling her, but softly does he whispers back, “I love you my baby”. She is lost in his eyes, she is lost in him, and they are happy. 

They make love to see the colours, they never ever witnessed in their whole lives. They are experiencing something magical, a feeling so good, they are in heaven, beautiful love. If there is love, if there is pleasure, if there is any beautiful sin if there is any heaven, if two souls can ever be one, then this is it..this is love!
She is too excited, too emotional to speak or do anything now, she holds him, she wants him all to herself. He asks her if champagne and this beautiful princess can be had together for the rest of the night. She nods and tells him “Yes, only if you sleep after that, it's already 3:30am”. “Okay”, he says, “if only I’m promised some more of you tomorrow”. Prisha glows up, “I’m all yours, for tonight, and for all the nights to come.” Sahil just cuddles her up, rolls her within himself, forgets the world and wants to see her sleep. She keeps him close, to sleep with her, and gets drowned in his arms. “You are the most beautiful to me” said Sahil, she breaks the sentence in between, “I find you as the one who makes me look and feel beautiful.” He kisses her lightly on her lips, she reciprocates and they experience the longest kiss of the night.
One look, one smile, one touch, one embrace, one kiss, one love, two hearts, two souls, two destinies become one journey, with no ending and it was just the first time they met only to be together, forever!

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Anonymous said...

Sourav, in the presence of so many beautifully carved words, I am gonna stay simple this time:
You gave me a hard-on with this one.

Matangi Mawley said...

very well written.. captured emotions so well.. kudos!

Ordinary Gal said...

wonderful :)

Meher said...

awesome stuff...!!I got swayed..!! :)

Bikram said...

you shud write for magazines etc.. you write goood and for a change i am reading the whole story .. :)

enjoying the blog surfing found a few blogs with excepetional talent and skills

keep it up and well done ?

Jaunty anima said...

woohoo..well done!!

U're really growing as a writer...I must say...Earlier i found u just like me and various other bloggers who wrote jst for fun...but Now ur writing means serious business yaar..
why dont u start writing for magazines!!

deepa kashyap said...

its superb flow of emotions in the form of words..
so simple so rocking..

i loved the lines
"One look, one smile, one touch, one embrace, one kiss, one love, two hearts, two souls, two destinies become one journey, with no ending and it was just the first time they met only to be together, forever!"
just loved ur post..

S said...

@Vítek - Words can do wonders, now you know! ;)

S said...

@Matangi Mawley - Thanks and welcome to my blog, keep coming! :)

@An ordinary Gal - Thank you! :)

S said...

@Meher - You have all the reasons to get swayed now. Thanks for liking it and you better take care! :)

S said...

@Bikramjit - Thanks, that was some appreciation! And welcome to the blog, and thanks for reading it completely! :)

yes blogging world has a lot of talents, just look around! Thanks again! :)

Aeish said...

Lovely :)

S said...

@jaunty - There you are, with such nice buttered words :P Okay, thanks seriously, such compliment from a friend obviously means a lot, though I'm happy with writing whatever I feel over here, and such compliments are more then enough for me! :)

Thanks,and you are a fantastic writer as well :)
Take care!

Unknown said...

this is really beautifully written! i also like the character's name a lot - Prisha.
i love love stories.. :) well done!

Sugandha Gupta said...

SExy ...

I like it ...
Well done Sourav and Pooja :)
good work !!!

Hafsah said...

Okk.. This was one horny story! lol
kiddin.. it sounded like two people who are totally in love, it didnt sound dirty at all which is great. i really felt the love and passion which two people have for each other which is greater then just plain it sounded really beautiful.. and well, yea it can really turn you on u know :P :D
keep writin .. loved it ^^

S said...

@Deepa - When you feel something. the emotion just flows on, you don't have to make too much effort! :)

Thanks and take care! :)

S said...

@Aeish - Thanks! :)

@ME - How is that typically ME?

S said...

@Sugandha - That's the word! Sexy! ;)

Thanks from both of us! :)

S said...

@Hafsah - Yeah this was! :P

You got the essence of the story right, thanks for the appreciation, it means a lot! And yes writing it, I was more turned on! :P

Keep coming .. Thanks, take care! :)

Different colors said...

Surely, from thoughts so pure, so chaste...ur eloquent style of writing which makes it the most exemplary concept in regard to character's dignity...u sustained it all..hats off...!!!

Rià said...

Very well written...loved the way u hav captured the emotions.

S said...

@Mehak - Thanks ! Well, I like the name too! and yes I like love stories too, but attempted one the first time! :)

S said...

@Different colors - Thank you so much Swati! You really made me more confident about the way I write. Well, honestly speaking, it's nothing compared to how beautifully you place the words according to their merit! :)

Thanks again, keep reading! :)

S said...

@Ria - Thanks Ria, I could have been more expressive, but curbed my emotions actually! .. Thanks anyway! :)

Me. said...

Curb? Why do people curb their emotions? i wish we could just let them flow freely with out any fear of judgements and pain! :)

I have no answer for ..why typical me

S said...

Judgments .. yes, I am not scared of them, but I hate the ones' who judge me, and I take no time in unplugging them from my life!

And yes I never curb my emotions, I know when, who and how to express them the best way :)

And yes I have a live feedjit, so you can instead right your name here, not many come from ludhiana to my blog!

Neha said...

nice take! you could have used names instead of using "he" and "she" so often.


Prachi Bansal said...

lol shucks! I should've thought abt it!
Anyway, finally a reaction from you! after 50+ mails 30+ sms and calls..i finally get a reaction! Thats all I wanted..
And we both know we never judged each other.
We've always had these small intervals of blaming and not talking.
And every time we plug each other out of our lives. This time it feels the strangest.
Couldnt help reading your blog. sorry. take care.

S said...

@Neha - Thanks! :)
That was a nice suggestion!

@Prachi - Better! :P
Agree, we never judged each other, but we still have our terrible countless fights :D
Anyway I always knew you were reading, and it wasn't unplugging we do need to adjust the plugs, just to make sure it works longer! ;)
And nothing to be sorry about, keep reading! :)
You too take care!

Venice said...

Wow.. That was a purely beautiful piece of work Sourav! You and Pooja have created a tender and touching account of love.

The last lines "One look, one smile, one touch, one embrace, one kiss, one love, two hearts, two souls, two destinies become one journey, with no ending and it was just the first time they met only to be together, forever!"... simple yet impactful lines!

I loved it!

Saad Shaikh said...

Awesome would not be enough..

'Sensual' is the word.. pretty matured.. :)

kept me glued till the end, well, need I say that? :P

S said...

@Venice - Thanks from both of us! :)
Thanks again, I always believe more on writing what I feel, rather then using words, which makes people use dictionary just for the heck of it! :)

Thanks again, keep coming! :)

S said...

@Saad - Thank you would not be enough either!
Sensual it was meant to be, glad you find it so too.

But you know I never used glue to write! :P

Venice said...

@ Sourav: You've echoed some of my sentiments, regarding writing what you feel, rather than using the 'dictionary' terms...

I would like you to have this - click here: :)

Tavish Chadha( said...

Saurav and Pooja, this is mind blowing... bring narration... just superb... btw when am I reading ur book? :)

Keep them coming!


Er. said...

Some great narration, there, dude! ;) Frankly, I could relate this post somehow, somewhere, with my own life! :P

S said...

@Venice - Glad you feel the same..
Thank you so much for the award, will be on your blog soon .. Thank you again :)

S said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

S said...

@The Virgin Author - Thanks Arijit! Though with the kind of blogger name you have it seems impossible for you to relate to the post! :P
Okay bad joke, tanks for reading! :)

fivefeetsmall said...

Nice :-)

~ Lopa said...

Hi Sourav, Thanks for those nice words on my blog.

You have a great blog ! And you are pretty good with fictions, wish i can do that :)

Romeo Das said...

Loved your way of writing !

You have conveyed the emotions and intimacy beautifully between the two of them :)

Wish to see such posts from you in future too !

Sh@s said...

Very intense and you kept the rhythm.
Kudos to you and Pooja!!

S said...

@Mugdha - Thanks! :)

@Lopa - my pleasure!
Thank you, I guess am good with reality! Why don't your making a reality fiction too! :)

S said...

@Romeo - I know you do! :P

Thank you, it was a first attempt, and am glad you liked it!
Sure, keep reading! :)

S said...

@Shas - Thank you from both of us! :)

Anonymous said...

yes you are right. You actually tried to curb your emotions. brilliantly piece. It was nice, reading you after a long time

Deepika said...

Sourav!!! Awesomeness.. my goodness.. i was lost in it.. very beautifully written..!! and not so often we find stuff like this to read.. thank you for this wonderful experience!!

Siddhesh Kabe said...

One look, one smile, one touch, one embrace, one kiss, one love, two hearts, two souls, two destinies become one journey, with no ending and it was just the first time they met only to be together, forever!

Ultimate dude, I knew u around but saw ur blog for first time nice post!!

S said...

@rsvblogger - thanks, it is as nice to have you here after long too! :)

@Deeps - Thank you SOOOO much! Glad this could hold you back! And I just can thank you! :) :)

@Siddhesh - Thanks bro, I have read quite a few posts on your blog too, thanks for following! :)

Sagarika said...

Total genuis material :P !!! Really nice :D

arun said...

lovely flow of words ...Lovely way to bring out the joy of love and its actually a herculean task to bring out in words the intimacy amongst tow hearts in its purest form ...Kudos ...u r one awesome writer bro

Anonymous said...

...Some beautiful emotions woven into reality of words..Sometimes I guess, are just not meant to be.. : )
Take care
Hope u r fine.
Yes it's me : )

Tanay said...

I agree with one of the comments here, that it was sensuous, yet not dirty.

A good description.

Anonymous said...

Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

nidhiwrites said...

I am too much loving this post.. (:
Lost completely...
Superb description..
Cant hold my self from commenting :P

S said...

@Sagarika - Totally genius comment! :p

@Arun - Thanks mate. I'm not a writer, though I can just feel and imagine. Really glad that you liked! How have you been doing..been long?

@Anonymous - Thanks for spamming my blog.

@Tanay - Thanks buddy! :)

@Anonymous - Another spam?

@Nidhi - That was some reaction. Can't really thank you much, some compliments just make my day! :)
Lost..where, why and what? ;)
And don't hold yourself from commenting, that is not good! :p

Alcina said...

Little towards speechless :)