Songs of Mind, Tunes of Heart

I revolve around the past knowing that - it won’t help!
But this is a game of life where;

Heart tunes its own beats,
And mind sings its own story,
I find myself stuck somewhere;
Between hither and thither.

The Heart:

Paints compassion and commitment,
Reveals the love within -
Still as fresh as a new print!
Somewhere beyond my pride,
Deep inside,
It holds a secret desire - so intense,
Of holding you tight,
And cherishing the right,
For a need;
To call you – My  Own!


The Mind:

Debates I am through,
And done with you.
Says no more of YOU!
No longer you hold –
The special place;
And powers,
To crush me and willow me.
I shall win again; the game of life,
Leaving those feelings ripped apart.
Whatever be the bygone,
The present is; what it is!

Here, this moment, the story of my life –
Good times come like wind and swap like it were never before.
Making me struggle between the thriving aspirations and truths of life, I wonder what agony or what laughter it is. Yet I adore it.

Life is pain,
Yet life is gain,
Life is apathy.
Yet life is love,
Life is disgraceful,
Yet life is wonderful,
Life is a game,
It’s all good,
That is the way it is!


NIDHI Nidhi Gandhi wrote this thought provoking post. I started knowing her since only sometime and is now one of the sweetest friend I have. She writes well, but doesn’t blog! This post is to make sure that she makes a blog of her own and we all get to read a lot more from her and often! All the best Nidhi and keep smiling! :)

27 people read and said:

Meher Manda said...

Its beautifully written.She should totally jump into the blog bandwagon,she has a follower here.Its lovely.. =)

Beyond Horizon said... wud like 2 call it living...n dat s wat life is...beautifully narrated d thoughts of mind n heart...yeah wud definitely love 2 read more of her writings
encouraging some1 thru ur own blog is sweetest n appreciable :)

Unknown said...

Well written! Nice expression of emotions.. Hope to see her soon in the world of blogging :)

Ann said...

Very well written! How come you write such beautiful poems.. Keep sharing ..

Unknown said...

lovely piece :)

Sony said...

I like the heart Part more

nidhiwrites said...

@Meher -Thank u so much :) Will totally jump soon... "Follower" Woow.. This sounds gr8.. I am honored.
@Beyond Horizon - Firstly, I must say I like the Title "Beyond Horizon" very much.
Yes, it is living.. Since, Struggling is in way apart of living and existence. We struggle right from our mother womb till we rest in peace.. So it supplements lyf. Thats how it goes..
Glad that u liked it.. :)
Sourav does not even know how much he has done for me.. I wish to thank him again and for this :)
@Pooja & Ann - Thank u.. Promise you will find me soon
@Mehak- you might not know but I am big fan of lot your posts.. and getting an appreciation from writer like you.. Woow simply Woow.. Thank you & I am really glad. :)

Malvika said...

I do hope you take the second step from here Nidhi! Waiting to visit your blog...

nidhiwrites said...

@Sony - :)
@Malvika - Have read many of your post too.. Loved them.. And definitely will come up my blog very soon...

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

The conflict shall never cease....

Some struggles are a part of our journey. Lets take them along and witness their beauty and awe.

Beyond Horizon said...

@Nidhi...its very sweet of u leavin a reply :) indeed appreciating
waitin ur step in world of blogging...
n Thanks a lot 4 liking my username :)

ananthnag said...

ur heart is a gud composer and ur mind sings well...and got some gud listeners here :)

nidhiwrites said...

@Gazal - Rightly said.. Some conflict never cease & we should carry it & witness the beauty beneath.. :)
@Beyond Horizon - :)
@Ananthnag - Haa.. that was awesome.. My listener is even good rhyming person :P
Thanks for such lovely compliment

Unknown said...

hey thats a nice 1 nidhi...
n nice blog sourav

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Saurav..thats a grt expression of feelings... i was lost some where...:)...

Good one yaa.. thanks for the visits...keep coming...

I got stuck up badly.. i couldnt look in to blogs excpet posting some stuff at my own.. any ways.. keep up the good work..

ananth said...

thnks for the compliment and hope I deserve it..anyways..what would be ur would-be blogs name?? :)

nidhiwrites said...

@ Bhumika - Thanks :)
@ Ananth - Yes u do deserve ya..
Blogs name.. well havent thought .. But will post here soon :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

Really sweet and full of meaning!

Arpana said...

nicely expressed emotions!

anatreek said...

Oh god! I know what you mean!!

nidhiwrites said...

@ Nalini & Arpana - Thanks a lot!
@ Ana - hmm...

Harsh said...

Awesome lines .. indeed .. ;)

nidhiwrites said...

@Harsh - Thank u :) Do visit my new blog coming up soon

Megha said...

the heart part is beautiful...

nidhiwrites said...

@Megharana - Thanks!

Fatima said...

Quite expressive and really beautiful Nidhi !

Liked it a lot.

Take Care,

nidhiwrites said...

@Fatima - Thanks!