When we are finished changing, we are finished!

Running from it,
Makes it harder
Embracing change,
Would be smarter
Change is the herald,
Of opportunity…
You should believe in change
It’s the only way you will ever,
Have a chance to gain
I believe in change,
I don’t want the world around me,
To always be this way
I want to make a difference,
So I tell you this,
I believe in change.
 To always be this way
I want to make a difference,
So I tell you this,
I believe in change.

I’ll admit, not all change is good,
But don’t you think that we should,
Give it a chance?

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Nivedita Thadani said...

Change is life, change is moving up, change is an adventure,,, change is achieving great success.
Its not "give one chance to it", its always we should be ready to change, change ourselves, change the things to make the life beautiful.
Of course change is always good.

Tanishka said...

Every change deserves one chance and more so whether we like it or not change is inevitable so why not accept it happily.... :)

Alka Gurha said...

Great...be the change you want to see...The only thing constant is Change.

Meher said...

As much as I love the intention and the meaning you portray in the poem, the poem scheme doesn't really rub on to me. But yes, I like the lines
"I’ll admit, not all change is good,
But don’t you think that we should,
Give it a chance?"

SEPO said...

kamaal karte ho pandey ji :P

Tanvi said...

Sourav in the past two weeks I was going thorugh this dilemma of change...... I guess this was helpful.... :) I love changes too, but sometimes they are scary..... :)nice read!


Simran said...

Changes are the part of everyone's life and the most important thing is how we accept and co-operate with these changes!
And without change life would be boring !!

Liked this post a lot :)
Keep Writing ..
Take care :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

They say that change is inevitable. So change we must, like a tree, it can bend and sway in the winds according to the wind flow, and yet be grounded lest it may be uprooted. And until we do it, we'll never know was it worth it. :)
Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

commited to life said...


A grain of sand said...

change is inevitable; its not that we wouldn't avoid it,its we can't avoid it...its takes the better of us,sooner or later.
nice read.

Geeta Singh said...

good 1

The Enchantress said...

I Agree !!

Change is the only thing constant..

Lilangel said...

Loved the lines "running from it,
makes it harder,
embracing change would be smarter"...How profound ! Great post :)

Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

Uhmm! Yea.. I agree.. V cant change the hapening of change! But V can change ourselves to face the change !! :)

Raksha Bhat said...

Change is the only permanent thing in this world:)Yet we fight,we fall,we rise,we stand:)

Sony said...

Good one

Beyond Horizon said...

AHA! Though After really long I am commenting...firstly I would say the lines below the post somehow doesnt synchronise with the above lines...how can you be this way and make difference... Just my observation ;)

OK before you entitle me as FOREVER CRITIC let me do some tariff too :p

You have said so aptly...the opportunity that help to change...somehow I do think i have lost them myself by not taking the decisions... Hmm enough of cribbing here... Will do that in your recent post :p

When you are finished changing, you are finished... LIKES IT !!!

ash89 said...

Your post makes me feel so much better. I was CRIBBING about how I had changed and how people could not accept it. But change is inevitable. Like it or hate it. Its gonna happen