Love maybe, unexpectedly..

“What’s the point of aimless-driving anyway?” she grudgingly asked herself.

Ahead, some car deflected because of a pot-hole, causing a traffic jam. The driver from the car on her right came out to check, but trips on the mud. Anam sighed and went over to help. Their eyes met.

Going out wasn’t as useless probably.

5 people read and said:

Live2cherish said...

why left it here?
I mean, i wanna read more............. (pleads, sighs,puppy faces, whichever works :))

Pramoda Meduri said...

That's a good start i guess..;)

Lehari. said... that it ?? is interesting..

Suruchi said...

haaaaw..ho gaya?
i guess even in little it made sense:-)

Jaunty anima said...

Mister, u know how to make someone curious....i want to read aage bhi!!