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An online buyer for the last 3 - 4 years, I have tried buying everything from flowers to electronic gadgets. Without taking names here; I have had many bad experiences online - some delivering the wrong product while others eating up my money. But since the last one year, my online shopping experience has improved considerably with other new websites in India. Recently, I was introduced by a friend to a new electronic online store – where you “Zap” rather than just “Buy”. What caught my attention was their unique innovative model of online retail, a good variety (but not large) of products and a customer friendly interface.

Talking about originality, Zapstore has a very distinctive and interesting selling method. You can either “Buy” the product directly  just like any other online store and you can ‘ZAP’ it.  With these Zaps, which are like bids – your gadget price starts dropping so you can actually buy your product less than the market price being offered (around offline or online). For dumb freaks like me, this whole process can be a bit confusing, but the Zap team has been sensible enough to explain it in a very sensible manner through a flow-chart and a video  :

As they say, what looks good would sell well too. And this is quite true about Zapstore, the website is clean unlike most other Indian e-commerce websites which are filled with flashes all around the place making it difficult to focus. The catalog is not exhaustive but I guess they have just started off, I am expecting they would have much more to offer us in the near future.

Oh! And they are there on twitter-Zap-Store and on Facebook too!

They also offer free-shipping all over India.  And what is better than the option of having to pay when you get the order delivered to you!

Being a blogger myself for sometime, I am not someone who’d just blindly believe anything a website says. Price for the NokiaX2-01 phone was less than what I could find at Nokia’s very own brick and mortar store and other online shopping websites. Zapstore has also mentioned its registered office address and telephone number right there. Though I hope they start taking calls 24*7, you see I am a night person!

This is a webstore with promising future as long it maintains what it has shown till now. Being easy to use, with flexible payment modes and timely package delivery; it is already setting a new benchmark and trying well to break the average Indian customer’s inhibition of online shopping. Overall a good and promising innovative online electronics gadget store; definitely recommended. Checkout now!"

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