Look for your answers in my breaths.

Look, I don’t know. And I’m hanging up now, have a long day tomorrow.
           Okay, but talk for a minute? Puh-leeeez, Sahil. Pleassse!?

Yes, Riddhi. What?
           Do you love me?

Are you serious, it’s 4 in the morning!!? 
           Sahil, that doesn’t answer my question.

I love you, a lot. Why did you ask, is it all fine?
          Hmm.. Was just trying to understand, why?

What? What, why?
          Why on earth do you love ME?

Why have you never bothered about growing up?
         Shut up! I’m not a kid. And just answer!

Okay answer me first, tell me why do I like breathing?
         Huh? There is nothing about liking it. You’d stop existing if you don’t.

Hmm.. So?
         ..So you mean it’s only because you love me and that is why you exist?


Something like that, yes. And can we sleep now? Will call you in the morning, first thing.
         Okayyyy! Good night, Sahil. Bbbbyeee!

Kiddo! Good nig…
         Aaaaannd wait, you’re my breaths too.


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