Of flirting with hopes..

We held breaths for too long, 
Might not even live further.

To meet, finally.
Holding the burnt thread of hope.

Let’s hug and burn, 
Kiss and be turned into ashes. 
We set each other on fire, 
Feed each other’s thirst too.

It’s us, I know.
It's there, I know.

Our eyes speak.
Let’s answer each other’s questions;
Not in words,
But in feelings.


Forever in turmoil,
Yet each other’s serenity of calm.

Like that burning desire before a storm 
Killing the power of passion.
You and I coalesce 
Through a ignited splinter.
While it rained.

Dancing. In pain.
Yet comforted by the droplets. 
The promises to never be away. 
Yet being forever apart.
But living in each other.
But never together
Yet, forever in love.


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Unknown said...

Beautifully written :D

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