About romance and her eyes.

He: “So you think romance is about gowns, suits, and ties..?”
              She: “Yes. And also about ballroom dancing, kissing in the rain, and holding hands in the park..”

“Yes, may be. But you know what I think..”

“You! Your eyes, when you wake up from a peaceful slumber, like a work of art..”


“Without any make-up, disheveled hair, when you look just you..”
               “But, you know..”

“But… But the most incredible thing is how without even having to say anything, you speak so much..”
               “You’re not letting me speak..”

“Your perfect eyes speak all that needs to be expressed; they orchestrate our future and imagine our fate.”

“Good morning!”


She tucks herself within me and I am simply embracing her touch. But before I wanted to tell her how much more she is beautiful, I hear her humming ever so lightly, as she’s fallen back asleep in my arms, and I play the game; I’ve become accustomed to playing nearly every morning.. A romance, that is pure, gentle and non-worldly.

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