Falling star, fragile wishes.

Sometimes nothing works out..
Sometimes I looked for the sun
but it was too clouded.

Sometimes I needed rains,
For the sun was burning me alive.
And so it did
and now I’m caught in flames.

Sometimes I walk to the end of the world
but when I've one foot left on the edge
my feelings pull me back
remember that I was loved.

Often, there was no love. 
No one to hold, and nothing left to felt within your soul.
Sometimes nothing works out.


But sometimes they do.
Also sometimes I hope they will work for the last time
and always will.

Until the nightmare comes back..
you're back at square one.

But for all the love we had,
And all our wishes for lifetime
And we can always give a little of it to each other
every time.
Sometimes things do work out.

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