‘MY’ stupidity at its worst !

This Billboard Is A Sign From God for those keeps irritating him for a sign ! AMEN :P

Boy:Hey Mom,watch me pull his tail ! :O

(Lion:… yeah gulped down your Dad last week, he tried kissing me) :D


Iraq sucks...ok ! (Thanks for the memories Tony)

We regret there may be a small delay before we can respond to your call.. yeah small delay ;)

Something you know will never happen or it may !

Bhow-Bhow service :D


Africa is not a great place to have a heart attack....the "Rapid Response Unit" needs some fine tuning.... only a bit !


And finally some advice to be protected from Swine Flu ! Yeah the perfect example ! :P


(Will see you next week with a better post till then … keep ROFLMAO and LOL !

Don’t forget to leave your stupidity (yeah your comments, if you can add something) !! :P :D

59 people read and said:

Saad Shaikh said...

ROFLMAO.. :D I actually did.. :P

man.. that was hilarious.. especially Iraq, Africa and Swine Flu ones.. :P

and yeah, I won't say this as your stupidity at 'worst'.. its probably your stupidity at 'best'.. it takes effort to find something like this.. :P

btw, is that you covered in all that plastic in the last pic??

waitin' for more stupid posts.. :P

Americanising Desi said...

really really neat!!!


neha said...

hey sourav,




tat was some hilarious post ..

best 1 was swine flu ..

stupidity at its best ..


Pooja Mahimkar said...

hahahahaa...tooo goood!

Aeish said...

ROFL..this was hilarious man..especially the Lion one ;)

Your sense of humor impresses me!:D

fivefeetsmall said...

it's 11:55 pm!....n i'm off to sleep with a smile :-)

Sara Strand said...

HAHA!!! I love the swine flu one. That's something one of my co-workers would TOTALLY do. :)

Kay said...

love the sign from God, bravo!

angel from heaven said...

lol some good ones here .Very funny.

S said...

@Saad .. Thanks for the response :P
And no it's not my best .. it's yet to come :P !

And btw,it's not me wrapped in plastic ;)

Ya .. I wud post pics on ur blogs now :P lol .. just another stupidity :P

S said...

@ AD : Thanks :D

@ Neha .. I so like your comments .. well spaced out and made to look long :P

S said...

@Pooja .. thanks but no thanks !

You laugh and don't even pay me ... should I give you my a/c no. ?? :P

@Aeish .. Welcome to my blog ... and yeah in the next pic, the child shows the lion his middle finger ! ;)
And yeah, I'm overall too impressive .. :D

S said...

@Sara .. LOL .. who's that co-worker .. probably he is the source where all the Swine flu flew in from ;)

@Kay .. God's with us always :D

S said...

@Mugdha ... it's 1:40 am and I'm replying to your comments :P and not going off to sleep still, would watch Kaminey now :D

@Angel .. good ones or the wicked ones :P

Sugandha Gupta said...

lol :P

sonali said...

tony pic: lets fyt against global warmin,lol
loved da africa picture....dat was seriously "a bit"...hahaha...

n last one was less of swine flu but more of a "boss flu" kind.... hidin from da boss..... or it was like a employee who is tryin to prove dat he is a fresher, lol...

ur comments wer better, mine wer more silly...hahahaha.....so i win ;)
keep posting dude...

Saad Shaikh said...

if best is yet to come.. I'm waiting for it.. :P

Cindy said...

So funny! We always need signs and that would be a great one:)))

preeti said...

Ye MAST tha RE! :D ... really a refreshing post ,.. dat swine flu n doggie one r too good :D
U again brought a smile on my face ,us u alwaz do ,thru dis post .. :D
No need to comment on ur sense of humour ..as i know u r an expert in dat :P
Keep up d good work! :)

Hafsah said...

hahahh :D .. the 2nd one was my favourite, lol
thnks! i really needed this :)
we all r stupid, but it wasn't at its worst, atleast it made over 10 ppl who commented on ur post smile *including me*, yayy! ^^

Happybirdie said...

Hey!thanks for posting on my blog...u seem to be an active blogger ;)
Well what can I say about this post of yours.....its been written and executed with panache.Very innovative and very humorous esp that swine flu one.
And be an active follower....My pandora's box will open soon :)
Take care

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Hahaha, lol that was totally hilarias... at the same time it is very thought provoking...
:) wonder if smeone mail that pic to tony blake... that swine flu one was too gud... n ofcourse sign of god.. :) keep posting dude..

Deepika said...

LMAO.... From where u managed to copy these pics ;)

But no doubt they are funny... I guess this is your first funny post... Isnt it ???

I expect to see more funny ones from from your side in future :)

Abhay said...

lol very funny

S said...

@whysoserioustoday .. yeah lol .. thats all you could manage :P

@Sonali .. hahaha ... off course you are way sillier thn me :P .. and yeah you win ;)

Tony Uncle ko namaste bola :P

S said...

@Shad .. Stupidity at its best is not even worth a laugh ... something are better off worst ;)

S said...

@Preeti .. AILA :P ... Mera sense of humor kab accha hua ?? ;) ... I make you smile or laugh .. c'mon don't be so articulate :P

And that doggie was specially trained by BA !! :D

S said...

@Hafsah .. your comments are always so sweet :) you needed them ... and u got them .. m still waiting for a story from you ! :D
And yeah it makes me feel happy too, when I see so many ppl smiling over my stupidity ! :)

@Cindy ... we do need signs ... the middle finger being the best sign, we keep getting and passing on ;)

S said...

@Hitaishi (Happy birdie) .. I simply love your name ... and your blog too .. would be going back to your blog more often now ! and yeah m lazily active :P and thanks for liking my posts, you can read more stuff too ! :)

you too take care ! :)

@Devil .. Thanks for liking and LOL'ing :D .. and yeah its kind of thought provoking (tho never thought that way) ... yeah, wish I could mail that Tony bhaiya ... do u have his email id ? ;) And I use a helmet at work ... :P
what do u do ? ;)

S said...

Yeah .. Deepika .. LMAO, LOL, ROFL ... this is all I wished as comments here :D
And yes, this is my 1st seriously funny post ... will post more ... if I could be as funny ever again ... ;) :P

Ann said...

the last pic is really good... I think we all must go for it ;)

Jaunty anima said...

Gosh....d timing has to be perfect 2 get ones like these..I blasted off at the ambulance..haha!!!

ps: der wer probs wid my system wic dint allow me to cmmnt...oterwise i'm very regular to ur blog...

Kanika said...

Its a pleasant change to see on ur blog.....from serious to funny.....i liked d bhou bhou service. If there is such service in real I might start thinkin of having a pet :P

Sh@s said...

Lolzzz....it was fun going through this post. keep it up!

Rià said...

that was a gr8 post!!totally apt for the weekend. :P

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

LOL that was really funny man :)
this is was my visit to ur blog & am already impressed ,will surely follow up :)


Ekam said...

That was hilarious, especially the dog , swine fluand ambulance :D

scarlet pimpernel said...

are you the one posing for the swine flu pic dude

rimz said...

hahhaa..awesome n witty post....d swine flu 1 s d best...:)

Chithira Menon said...

the sign frm god was classic..:)..n wheres such method of swine flu prevention practiced??:D

Varsha said...

umm those pics are just awesome man.......
a very rainy hi-5!!
ok ..thats lame...
but ummm have goten used to be caled rain so often to the extent that i forget am a human form with a medulla oblongata

Unknown said...

Do i need to comment .. I guess not .. this would suffice !

R.O.F.L.M.A.O !!

Thanx for this I laughed my heart out after long :D


hey hi .
nice to see u on my blog.
actually not getting time these days..
commenting on ur blog frm my office only..
nice pics with nice comments.. :D
keep in touch.
will post a new post soon... :)

Anonymous said...

lol...that was hilarious. I love these larger than life pics :D

Toon Indian said...

cool pics dude

CutePriya said...

Those were so FUNNy dude! Specially the LAST ONE :)

HaRy!! said...

super pics!! well narrated for every pic :)!

Harini said...


Tooo... good!

Pree-yea said...

F-U-N-N-y! :D

Loved the first pic! :)

Guria said...

great finds!! :D
the first pic was the best! lol!

Vinay Sharma said...

haha .. nice collection ! ..

Indian Pundit said...


Great one.......hahahaha

Cheers loved the lion and africa ones.

S said...

LOL, silly guys you all are ... can laugh so much over my stupidity so much ! ;)

P.S. I'M not the one posing for swine-flue awareness :P

Keep Rolling on the floor until you sweep off all the bacteria :P

Love you guys .. keep coming :)

Deepak Hariharan said...

hmmm nice pics man..!
that lion's pic s real kewl..!

Veda said...

Nice assortment of pictures..the Africa one was sad, the first one had me laugh my ass off..

Urvashi said...

Hmm..... really till i reached the end..I was ROFL....... :D

Nice ones really...wid really nice captions... Liked ur blog...Nice one..

Following u... TC :)

Free Falling said...

Tony's was the best :D
I have a number of more hilarious pics :D
True genius :D

i still hate this song :P

Free Falling said...

Tony's was the best :D
I have a number of more hilarious pics :D
True genius :D

i still hate this song :P

Alcina said...

That swine flu one is OMG!!

Loling post :D