“Make   yourself   necessary   to   somebody”

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Just need your views and opinions on it, if this holds right and if this is how it should be. When do you think someone' becomes a necessity, when do you become a necessity and what makes one so necessary and indispensible ? ? ?

P.S.: Nothing :P

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Rahil said...

Sir, every now and then i go through this same phase of necessity digloma..!!

Its really weird when u start feeling the necessity of someone with you all the time or someone feels your necessity all the time...you feel like sharing every little bit..taking on and on....on useless topics !!

But whatever the conclusion may be but according to me..atleast there should be one person in your life whom you know is always there for you, no matter what..and i am glad i have found few such idiots !

Hafsah said...

make yourself necessary for sum1 and make sum1 necessary for yourself :)
thats' what adds meaning to your life, or else you'll just have to survive through it all rather then living it.
n wese bhi my hearty says ( :P ), that it has a connection with me through the people living in it, otherwise my existence alone is not worth beating for :P

HaRy!! said...

hmmm ya think thats wat life is all abt!,but wat happens if they dont reciprocate?? dont yu feel down??

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Sourav,

I prefer to be someone's support than to be their definite necessity.

I believe, being a Support I can strengthen a person but being the necessity i weaken him/her.

Thanks for this oppurtunity to share my insight.

Keep going!!

rimz said...

hmmmm...the answer depends on individual's view points n so d ans will definitely vary frm man to me....
I, myslf do not really biliv in d concept of makin myself imp or of any use to sme1 else, Unless dt person needs my help urgently....
In life, nthing is indespensible...time teaches all to live without evrythings...dts difrt ki often we do feel d urge of something or miss what we 'had'...

Is the line “Make yourself necessary to somebody” a copy of Today's fortune of orkut?..:)

rimz said...
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Deepika said...

Someone becomes necessity... when you get addicted(love, trust, faith, moments) to him or her ;) ;)

Ekam said...

I agree with Pramoda. Be a support to others. But at the same time, don't rely on another person 100%. You don't know when time changes. But you yourself can be a great friend, great support in others' lives.

neha said...

hey sourav,
i loved the PS better :P
i no longer need 2 write spaced out comments coz u made the task easier somehow
“Make yourself necessary to somebody”
hmmm i really liked it when u first put this up on FB
it does hold right somwhow and we all want it that way
i replied 2 ur post-like comment on my blog

Deepika said...

Becoming necessary to someone isn't really important, coz as time changes, necessities change! So, If someone is absolutely necessary to you and when that person is not there wit you, you get completely messed up! Is it really worth it??? This I am talking with little bit of experience.. from my life.. needn't be the same for you! :)

Jaunty anima said...

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves..jst read this smwhere..

n as far as makin urself necessary to smbdy is cncerned...well care..show support....u'd automatically become d life support system of dat person..a necessity!!

It's all abt giving...

Esther said...

Make yourself necessary to somebody
however Expect nothing in return!
let people call you their basic "Necessity"!
In short - Be a blessing because you're blessed! =P

Varsha said...

this post=complicated
this post=not meant for pea-brained people,for example-me :P

p.s-this is all i could think off to comment,lol!

Shruti said...

""Make yourself necessary to somebody""
This is a Ralph Emerson's quote i guess!!
The actual quote is, "Make yourself necessary to somebody. Do not make life hard to any"

This is what i can think after seeing this! :O

S said...

Rahil, I'm better called Sourav !

I know it can be real weird at times,but the time you get the 'who' who is necessary to you, ur life brightens up ... you are right ... you wish to just talk on and on, just abt everything one could share !

Iv few around me too, the so-called idiots .. and I wish you to be happy and don't go back into your depressive phase again, even if you do ... don't let it hold u !

Be good and take care :)

S said...

@Hafsah ..

The hearty girl, who just speaks her heart out ... but girl you are way behind the harsher ways of life, not everything which happens is according to your heart !

And in the end, it's just who have to take it all head on and live through the life :)

Best wishes for you and Haider :)

S said...

Hey Hary !

obliged to see you here :p

If someone is necessary, that doesn't mean, she/he is the reason of one's survival ! And the day, there is a dead silence from the other side, you are all broken down .. so just be u on ur own ... and you'd be happy all along, coz you will respond to your own needs, mostly !

Hey PRAMODA ... I could never agree to something more thn ur thought, actually thank you for sharing this ... being a upport, if needed is much better thn being a necessity ! :)

S said...


true life teaches .. and time is the best thing to happen in your life ... support, if needed .. should be the way, it is !

No,it was some long one liner somewhere Iv read, and could remember only this very beautiful part of it !


Addiction is NOT always a necessity, be it love,trust,lust or whatever .. I'm addicted to blogging, IT'S NOT AT ALL A NECESSITY TO ME !

S said...

Hey Ekam ...

I guess Pramoda has the best views too, just don't shell out your-self to someone else's disposition ... be of possible support and help to other's !

Miss NEHA :P

I knew, u'd like 'nothing' it's better thn everything mostly, no probs even I like nothing at times!

And yeah I agree too, BUT with conditions !

Will be aptly replied back Neha :P

S said...


Well said..It's absolutely the same with most of us ! Necessity changes so does people ! And I've experiences too !

Hey Jaunty,

Those lines were right on the spot .. Necessity or for the facts anything in excess is never good, caring .. love ... concern .. hate .. just anything !

And I actually thank for those lines ... loved 'em :)

S said...

Hey Esther..

Blessed .. really !?
Being a necessity to somebody weighs you down under it's weight and it turns out to be a "curse, coz u r cursed" :P


not really fair, after reading your blog, I could assume you could have added a lot more thn that .. "no comments" from you left a meaning too, in a way, but it'd be better if explained !
And yeah, if pea-brained people were such big thinkers, I wish to be "no-brained" ... really !

S said...

Thanks Shruti never knew it was some Ralph's quote !

Yeah, for some seconds all I could think was a big ( :O ) too, but with so many views from you guys, I guess we can make out certain things...isn't it ! :)

Keep coming :)

Varsha said...

heyyyyyyyy u left bad?
well,i would rather shut up,then blurt my baseless coments out!
i really dont like saying anything about romanti-sizing issues..am pea-brained in that area!!

S said...

U speak much more thn u don't intend to, ur pea sized miniature brain is a mini-processor ... people who don't comment on such 'issues' have mostly strong opinions :P

C'mon speak up Varsha :)

Varsha said...

*zips her mouth,hammers the mini-procesor*
now there you go!!!

S said...

But the RAM (mini-brain) and HARDWARE (your senses) would still work !

Varsha, you have to speak :P

Varsha said...

*raises both her hands8
FINE,i give up!!!
here are my oh-so-valuable opninons
*drum roll*

first of all i have never been a necessity for anyone!
and secondly,i prefer not having another necessity for me!
self-sufficiency so as to say!
do i sound mean?hmm maybe,but thats that for me!!

Sara Strand said...

Well I think that you can be necessary to someone without being a love interest. And I think the same the other way. I have some friends that are necessary to me for different reasons- I have the people who know me, know my daily struggles and they know that I need them to help pave my way.

I don't know if I'm necessary to anyone other than my children. I thought I was once necessary to my husband, but that isn't really the case at all.

But I think to be necessary to each other in a relationship can also be dangerous- because as said here- times and things change. Nobody can hold up under that pressure forever. Which again, and ironically, is where I am at in life.

divsi said...

hey jus passed by yr space...:)
as for ya question..my opinion:makin yrself necessary is not enuf...
makin yrself worthy of being a necessary entity in the lives of ppl round u...:)

Aparna said...

I may want to be someone's support, and not a necessity.
Being a necessity seems like an addiction, and I am not sure being overly dependent on someone works out in life.
Just blog hopped and landed on your space.

Anonymous said...

this somehow sums up life....isn't it? I may be a little bit too much philosophical but you can't deny the fact that this is what is done in a social community.....you make yourself necessary to somebody...and that somebody makes you his necessity... this is how society works.. isn't it?
on another note though... too much of anything is never recommended... nevertheless we have to prove ourselves of some value.....

Happybirdie said...

Hmmm sory for landing here so late but I feel that there should be atleast one such person in your life for whom u r a necessity.It happens many a times when you have thousands of friends but still u feel alone and If u have that one person with u then u feel as if the whole wrld s yours.Thats the power of togetherness.
take care

Kanika said...

Hmm...opened ur blog just before sleeping.....am kinda sleepy lets see whether I make sense in commentin on the statement. Making urself necessary to someone sounds a bit mean to me coz if u r necessary to someone u can manipulate d person in any way u want and the person would be shattered if u r not der for them. I hate manipulating or being manipulated. Its rather better to be a support system for sum1 giving demand strength they require.....

Shruti said...

sourav,check out my recent post :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

There are many things to say...hold on :p

hmmmm..first of all i jumped here from divsi's blog...

second...i simply liked the template structure..i mean its so neatly maintained u know..

let me know the site from where u have taken this template...

Quote is thought provoking dude..

and that picture....seems like its u in all of them...

nice collage buddy..

in first pic, u r smoking right? :p

i liked ur pose in fourth pic..its very decent :p

See u around :)

sonali said...

hello!!! the tile "???" shows u r out of your mind and confused.... so i guess go to a bar get drunk and go n spend some tym with a wh**** shhhhhh.... keep it a secret, hahahahaha.....kya yaar, tumbhi itna senti horahe ho....anyways sm tyms it becomes important to take it out.....n u did it in a nice way dude....nice post!!! :) n hey i was kiddin...no need to spread aids, hahahahahaha.... kiddin again (sorry yaar, i m in a happy mood dats y, sorry!!)

Cindy said...

I don't think you should be necessary to any one. Everyone should be self-sufficient because you're not going to be around forever. I think you should make yourself "loved" and that's MUCH harder but much more rewarding!

Guria said...

'Nothing' is right except the need to be needed and need to need! :P

I am following your blog too. (You said you are following mine, didn't you?! :D)

Thanks for visiting my blog! And for the comments! :)

And I usually am regular! :)

Cheers ^_^

vandy said...

u got one more follower ;)

Rià said...

that happens when u get addicted to someone....so much so that u cant think of life without them.

Indian Pundit said...

""When do you think someone' becomes a necessity, when do you become a necessity and what makes one so necessary and indispensible ? ? ?""

No one becomes a "necessity" unless we make them to be.

We make them "necessity" maybe because we need a shoulder to cry on.......or someone to cheer us up when we are down.....


bliss said...

hey thats a deep ques asked in too simple words!!!!
i personally think there are two cases under which on ebecomes a necessity for u- wen u really need them( that was obvious) and sec wen u carry some doubt abt urself!! i know that may sound weird but thats wat i feel.. honestly, u only necessarily 'need' someone wen u are unsure abt ur survival on ur own....
thats wat i feel....

Guria said...

Oh just leaving a comment to tell you, that you are in my list for an award! Simply for Torture!!! :D
Oh, also 'cause I like your blog! lol!

Anonymous said...

hey check out..
an award awaits you.....

Guria said...

Somebody said this to me when I got the same award I saw He's getting from another fellow blogger! :)

And there you go a long freakish disclaimers, terms and conditions, applicability, pass-on's and what not to the most silly thing to happen to bloggers !

Must be torture to accept them! :P
Congratulations on the silliest thing in the blog world to happen to you! lol! :D

P.S. Refer to the previous comment! :P

Guria said...

Ahh, now I know why there isn't any award on your blog! Osama, Bin and Laden don't do supari-s for free do they! *sigh*
More torture for poor Sourav!
Well I'll try to get a stick or two to their backsides when they come searching for me. Okay?


Shruti said...

Someone told me they are following my blog!

Anyways,i tagged you!
Check out

Anonymous said...

Nice quote by Emerson..
It happens that in one way or the other we are always dependent on others .. similarly others are also dependent on us... but if it is not so.. den we feel deserted in the middle of the crowd..
I believe..its easy to start with passing a smile.. n rest will be done automatically..

bondgal_rulz said...

Make yourself necessary to someone, IF and ONLY if, you are absolutely sure of being there for them forever and for always. Else please do not commit this crime. :|


Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

Well let me put this as short as i can

"Its better to be useful than to be used"

The first part is better than the latter part :):)

Being necessary is better than being a necessity coz we cant be indispensable at all times :)

btw nice pondering post man :)
keep blogging :)

Sameera said...

You have a super blog!!

Couldn't visit earlier because of time constraints and mood.

hmmm.. I don't agree to this that you should make yourself necessary to someone. One should never kill the freedom a person enjoys with them. It is like.. they can live without you but they know they live a lot better with you!!!

Just my way of thinking!

Ann said...

Yeah .. But we can't do it ourselves.. I think after spending a fair amount of time, someone can become your neccessity. Like My best friend is my necessity and vice versa (he also believe that I have become his necessity). But it took time, to develop such a relationship. We had our own share of good and bad experiences. But now we both are inseparable.

Angels Never Lie said...

Some1 becum ur necessity wen get smth out of dem n u r sm1's necessity wen u becum worth giving smth to dem....jus a giv n tak relationship....1s is ovr pple r more necessary....relationships hav materialized....base of true relation shunt be necessity but eternal love

The Speaking Wood said...


The Enchantress said...

Its not dat easy to make ourselves necessary for someone...
It takes time but yeah..its the best feeling of the world..