Yet another … TAG !

Was tortured .. errr … number tagged by Nidhi … ! She doesn’t know how bad I was with numbers all along !! Anyways I tried and the miscalculations are before you to see ;)

I've been tagged

1. Got only only ONE life to live and there is only ONE Adam Sandler, have seen all his movies  !

2. It was CLASS II, when I had a crush on my class teacher Jacqueline Ludgweik and by the way it’s 2nd of September today !

3. It’s usually 3 AM when I sleep at night (or rather morning) !

4. I have completed my studies in FOUR places; Asansol (WB), Lucknow, Kolkata & New Delhi.

5. FIVE is NOT my favorite number. (I know that was dumb). A better one; my brother Gaurav’s birthday is on 5th of January.

6. Love to see lots of SIXES in a cricket match and for the really dumb ones they have SIX balls in an over in cricket. ;)

7. Would love to have my salary (P/A) in SEVEN figures within next fex years.

8. Would like to get enlisted as the 8’th wonder of this world. :D

9. There is always number NINE which follows eight .. wonder when would it change. ;)

10. Papa’s birthday on 10th of Jan and I’ll tag 10 people now !

P.S. Just for some ignorant people, the great ‘me’ enjoy his birthday on 13th of Feb and my Mum’s birthday is on 15th October (Now you know my whole family’s birthday, send us gift coupons, cash or in kind !

Passing this threat (tag) to 10 Rimz, Aeishah, Pree-yaa, Saad, Deepak, Sara, Priya, Ann, Hafsah, Deepika, Neha, Varsha and JauntyDid you actually count, I know I’ve tagged 12, so .. ! :P … Carry on people would love to see how you juggle with numbers and yeah Nidhi it was actually fun, easier than the dreaded class VIII Algebra sums I remember ! :D

48 people read and said:

Pree-yea.... said...

Oh ur first comment!! :D

And m not tagged? :(

But its cool, I tagged myself! :P

enjoyed the tag :)

Oh n ur a guy... n not gud with numbers? wierd! [NO pun intended] :D

S said...

Pree-yea..check back and go see an eye specialist u r tagged :P How could you escape the Torture ;)

Thanks and take care !
Would love to see this tag on ur blog soon ! :)

neha said...

ooops suddenly feeling tat algebra, geometry, statistic and physics sums in school were way easier then this tag
hmmm lets c
nice read btw
and yeah its ok if u arent enlisted as the 8th wonder of the world u r in some sense lol
a big WONDER

Jaunty anima said...

Woo-hoo ma first tag!!!i'll surely nail this one bad... keepin ma fingers crossed...dun wanna gt d cliche right....tat women r worse wid numbers....
letz c....was a gud one...

Pinpaks said...

Nice Post. Good to know more about you.

Rià said...

nice tag and equally interesting answers. :)

Raj said...

lol. that was cute. funny how maths seems to evade evrything.

Aeish said...

hahaha that was very cute Sourav..lmho at number 9 ;) Keep going, had a good laugh :))

S said...

@Neha .. no wonder m i a wonder and u stop wondering miss not so wondefull and instead take this tag up !! :P

@Jaunty .. I never said women are silly with numbers ! and yeah woo-hoo for the tag .. would love to see you tagged on your blog ! :)

And yeah I know m good :D

S said...

@Rohini .. thanks .. I bet u wouldn't wish to know me more :P !

Scarlet ... yeah math evades, destructs, obstructs, etc ! ;)

S said...

@Aeish .. cute .. yeah .. even I laughed a lot after reading what I write, mostly ;)

Dn forget to take the TAG ! :)

Meneka said...

You are not mostly but always funny ;) copied your words .. yes !!

9 .. even I'm still wondering why NINE follows EIGHT .. that was funny !!!

Adios :)

Saad Shaikh said...

Rofl.. and lmao as well.. :P

arey yaar.. tell me one thing.. the kind of innocence that a 2standard kid has seemed no where.. crush on your teacher..?!! :P and you remember her name till now.. Jacqueline Ludgweik..(she taught you Russian kya.. :P) well, I had my 1st crush in 4th standard on a Math teacher.. :P

lol @ 5.. that was a witty answer actually.. :D I would have used that for all the numbers from 1-10.. :P

I wish you get p/m Salary of seven figures.. then you'll automatically become the 8th wonder.. of India atleast.. ;)

and for gift coupons, click here.. :) c'mon thank me now.. ;)

and about tagging me.. what a coincidence.. I've already been tagged for this some 3 times.. :P and still have to complete it.. so in all I have 6 tags pending till now.. :D Hopefully, I'll complete it while doing MBA.. ;)

on a less comical note(not so serious note.. :P), it was really nice to know you.. I think I've found an inspiration for humour.. :P

Saad Shaikh said...

bro.. forgot to mention.. I am loving your new template.. :)

Indian Pundit said...

Very good one yaar.

point 2 interesting.

Point 4 is where we match.....i live in Kolkata....wanna go to Delhi for MBA.

Point 7 is my dream.......haha

Cheers and will read ur previous posts.

Kanika said...

interesting one......class 2 crush...rofl

anyways the template is much brighter.....soothing for d eyes

Ekam said...

Haha. And also 10 is followed by 9 and the reason for this is also not known yet :D

Nice template:)

S said...

@Meneka .. Great men are always quoted .. so its quite ok :P

And keep wondering, if you can find out lemme know WHY!

@Saad ... kya yaar itni lambi comment kardi :P .. 1st things 1st .. I'm sillier than one can think of the intensity of being silly ;)

Miss Jacqueline used to teach me English ... now u know why my English sucks :D

Thanks for the coupon ... would be sending something lovelier soon :P

And I know you were tagged twice earlier too, so I was just adding on the pressure :P c'mon take it !

And on a more horrendous note .. you have got some inspirational humor too .. lets keep being an inspiration to each other :P
And yeah thanks for the liking :)

S said...

Pandit jee swagat hai aapka :P

I know those points are really interesting or why would I have even bothered writing 'em :P

Cheers mate ... ! :D

@Kanika .. yeah class II crush now stand crushed completely :P

@Ekam ... You would end up wondering, over silly things .. if you keep reading me more :P

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

lol tats nice answering esp the 8th one ;)

keep blogging :)

btw check out my new post & leave ur comments Sourav :)

Chithira Menon said...

i got tagged wid dis b4..n it was really worth a thought!!

Varsha said...

u wana be one of the wonders of this world? hmmm interesting!!!!!!
is that me varsha u taged? ohh ,neha taged me once,but i dint do anything,lol.....

Harini said...

heheheh... I wanna be the 8th wonder ;). Two 8 wonders nt possible :D.

Pinpaks said...

I do wish to know you more. Sending another tag your way. You have been tagged. do check it out at my blog. Hope to see it soon on yours.

S said...

@Rohini .. your wish right away really very soon ! :)

@Harini ... I just wish to be ... u r already one :P

@Varsha .. yeah this tag is for you :P .. sacred, take it still !

S said...

@Sathish .. Thanks .. wish I had studied a bit more of maths, just did an MBA (with maths all along) .. still ROFL at figuring it out ! Friend would be hitting your blog really bad :P

@Chitz .. didn't see, will soon check ! Thanks :)

rimz said...

dat was nice one. i liked the most:
6. Love to see lots of SIXES in a cricket match and for the really dumb ones they have SIX balls in an over in cricket. ;)

7. Would love to have my salary (P/A) in SEVEN figures within next few years.

coz they quiet coincide with mines.
I hve done a number tag recently,chalo there i'll write ur name too....:)

Anonymous said...

hey.. very interesting description of your "miscalculations"...
nice post..

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Sourav,

Cool tag..

Sleep at 3 am every dayy..!!! ..:)

I too like to watch sixes..It doesnt matter whether it is test,one day, or T20..:)

And yeah, i wish u to get ur dream salary..:)

Thanks for ur comment..lets keep visiting each others:)

Deepika said...

hey.. thanks for tagging me... :)

Interestingly answered... must say u have brains ;)

Will come up with the answers soon :D

Anonymous said...

Hi sourav
I am sorry that I couldn't made my presence felt in your blog for rather too long..i will be more regular,, i swear..

I like this tagging and this number game... it reflects how good u are at numbers(pun intended)....even if you fake modesty in admitting your so called disassociation with numbers..

check out my latest post..

preeti said...

Good one! ..bale bhaiya :)
U usually sleep at 3 AM in d night.. Really ? is dat so?? i thought u'll better use dis ..for no. 5 or 6 ;)
N i dont think u'll have a chance to get enlisted as d 8th wonder dis position seems to b already occupied by BA :D
9th one is "mast" ...n best wishes for d 7th one :)
Good going ...Keep it up!

Shruti said...

hey saurav!
Tracked back from your comment!!
U have a cute blog here!
U can see myself in your followers list!

Btw, the answers for all the numbers were good!!
Crush in Second standard!! :P

Thinking yourself as eighth wonder!! That is surely something to be noted!

Keep smiling!

Esther said...

That was nice!! :P
You remember the first and the last name of your teacher that's super!! :P No wonder you liked her so much! :)
7 and 23 are my lucky numbers!
nice to know a lil bit of you :) :)!

Happy blogging!

Meher said...

1st thing..!!
I love your template..!!
I loved ur post..was some tag after a long time..!!
m not tagged..!!

Deva84 said...

very cool tag this is first time for me I see this kind of tag... but hey people can invet everything right... lately I've seen a sex tag - thank God I wasn't tagged!

cool answers!

S said...

@Rimz .. have read ur tag ! :) Yeah, choices match !

@Rashmi .. m always so miscalculated :P

S said...

@Pramoda .. Hi :) and yeah sixers are the most desirable in cricket only .. not real life ;)

Thanks for the wishes .. wish u luck for ur future too...wud keep visiting u !

@Deepika .. Will wait for ur tag and ans :P
I know I have a lot of brain and it works only with stupid things ;)

S said...

@Rahul (RSV) .. hi :)
Welcome on comin back ;) and swearing not allowed here (yeah, pun intended back) .. and was a nice way of advertising ur recent post (which actually makes me think that it was just a guest visit) .. anyways il keep visiting u dn worry, coz u write well :)

And on numbers ... I can count all my fingers.. yeah .. m good :D

S said...

Thankoos Preeti B-)

3 was used,coz I had nothing else and I had so much stupidity for 5 and 6 .. so had to lie here ;)

BA .. is absolutely too wonderful to be placed in any rank :D

Thnx for the real wishes Pleeti ... and 9th ki prob solve karlena toh mujhe b bata dena ;)

take care :)

S said...

@shruti .. yeah crush now crushed :P
8th wonder ... yes, hope u r not competing !

Btw welcome to my usless blog :P ... keep visting and throwing in ur views, wud be appreciated(kind of) !

On a serious note ... thanks and take care :)

S said...

Esther .. welcome and thanks !
Keep knowing me until u regret :P

@Meher : :(

1. Thank you for the like :)

2. Thank you for the read :)

3. Sorry didn't tag you ... you'll be struck wd the boss of tags !! :P

keep coming and take care

S said...

Deva84 .. hi n welcome to my blog ... wish i wud have been tagged with such non sense tags .. I wud have enjoyed messing it up !

keep coming and take care :)

Americanising Desi said...

hey that was nicely done... my tag is still pendin on this one.
i just havent been this bored yet :P

j/k hehehe

pRiYaN...! said...

wow !! nice tag n blog !!


bliss said...

hey, that was a nice tag!! but to be fair, VIII algebra was never too bad!!!!! :)

divsi said...

47 th comment! hehe..
numbers tag??o my oh my..this is torture..!:p

Alcina said...

Hey nice one...

And you seem perfect with numbers out here :P