You on facebook, Myspace or Twitter? Be careful online!

Online Dating Bad "There are people who reach out to others in this world.  They show signs of weakness.  They put themselves in a place to be frauded, scammed and taken advantage of. I hate to be the voice of reason here, but learn to love yourself, gain some strength, become self aware.

How many women have so desperately longed for love that they ended up marrying a man who abuses them and now they are dead in the grave?  Or how about the women who have been conned out of money and living homeless on the street?  How about the man who married the woman of his dreams only to end up with some arsenic in his coffee every morning so she could collect on his life insurance?

Now, this can happen to anyone.  Even the smartest, most confident and well put together people.  After all, sociopaths and psychopaths graduate to those kind of people for the challenge of it.  However, on the 80% statistic most of those predators go for the feeble minded, weak-minded, insecure, easy to prey on types.

Sociopaths love to help themselves to people who have a self loathing, weak, depressive, needy, and insecure.

In the mind of a sociopath they almost feel like you deserve it and need it.  You think because you can love and you can give and give that everyone else is this way.  The sociopath and psychopath count on that.

Open your eyes.  Love yourself first, know yourself, and be assertive enough to lay down boundaries. I had to learn this the hard way.  I have been harmed, schemed, battered, raped, etc because my desperate need for love.  I got wise to it though and I worked on myself.

Nothing wrong with a little vent.  However, realize that sociopaths will be reading it, and they will want to come in close and swoop you up.  Don't cross the boundaries.

I apologize if this offends anyone.  It isn't meant to. I am hoping in writing this some of you will have a reality check and learn to love yourself and to see how you endanger yourself with this kind of behavior."



Note – This is one article I read on my friends’ Facebook notes. Neither I nor is she sure about the original source of this article or the author. I shared it on my blog, just so that this may serve as an awareness to my readers. Thank you.

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IceMaiden said...

Commenting here after a long time, because I agree wholeheartedly to this... You never know what kind of a person is there online, remember for all practical purposes its jus an email id. At the same time, I have observed that if I am not one the "fakers" and I only just use my common sense (which I'm sure everyone has) and if I am simply careful - I can avoid getting myself into some murky mess :)

Thanks for sharing Sourav!


The Enchantress said...

I so...agree with it !!! and they are to be feared off !!!


S said...

@Annie - Good to see you here after really long! :p Exactly we don't know who/what is behind that email id! That was some observation, generally I don't care much about privacy of my own while talking online!

Keep coming back. Thanks :)

@Nikita - Feared and to be stayed away from! Scary and true!

Anonymous said...

:) Good work.. Thanks for sharing and I hope those ill treated people realize that they aren't meant to be treated the way and those who are in search of love realize that they can live with the love of their friends n family than getting into some shit.. :)

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

liked this.
Do not love like the salt which loses its existence in the water...
Love like two higher powers which coexist the stands of time, and strike and mingle and create and destroy... And keep empowereinf each other... huh, this is nice.. this becomes a new post o mine... I'll blog this. thanku.

The Speaking Wood said...

hmmmm, after a long time, true, very true, its quite a mixed bag out there, i have met some personally, but hey i think they were more troubled by me than I was by them :P so not much harm done :)

on a serious note, i think there is caution needed while interacting on the net, thanks for posting this!!!

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

This surely was a hard hitting article sourav...
Just thought that this would be another post about love but it turns out to be the perils of seeking love..

Credits to author for an enlightening post & credits to you for making sure the author gets the credits :)

keep blogging
cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

You have sure made a valid point here. Good read.

HaRy!! said...

all they do is dig their own pit!!!.. whoever mr. Anonymous!

PiCee said...

hey Sourav!!
My first visit here, and I must say its not gonna be the last. Interesting :)
Oh man .. its a scary world out there. Thanks for sharing the post!

Ann said...

Exactly!!! One must love themselves first then the others.. Respect yourself and be aware.. Great Post.. Thanks for sharing .. Keep Penning

AS said...

first tym on ur blog, loved it!

this post is very correct. sociopathic people target those who are insecure and scared.
"and be assertive enough to lay down boundaries" this is the most important this. the ability to control emotions is very important.

Discovering M said...

learning to love yourself is interesting..

great post !

Anonymous said...

"How many women have so desperately longed for love that they ended up marrying a man who abuses them"

So true. People do really need to learn to love themselves first or they will shrivel and become nothing but another weak prey for the hunters.

UjjwalRaaj said...

I absolutely agree. But seriously...arsenic in coffee? That's just downright scary.!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Internet and social media can be very scary. One should be really careful about posting personal details etc.

good u posted it (from fb i mean)


Deepika said...

Oh. I think i fall in category of the ppl you're saying are 'easy prey' and guess have been prey of ruse already. But i guess its not too late even now. World is full of criminals and each day we make a narrow escape. :(

Anonymous said...

This is so true. We work so hard to be accepted and loved that we forget that first we need to love ourselves to be loved and cared for by others.