You took my breath, away!

You'll glow with smoldering content one second
And drop off as sleepy ash the next,
The memory of fire gone in a
Puff of smoke. 

All you've got to do is possess a vague sort of fancy,
Lazy and reclined in the fingers of
Some mightier being.
One day, you'll be stubbed out,
Your body lying stale amongst the others
YOu take my breath away

With hardly enough time to rot.
But you forced out the sacred oxygen, making me fall
Look now, I've stopped breathing,
You took my breath away, once and for all!

39 people read and said:

Ank said...

OMG!! a master piece, Again!! took my breath away!! :)

Uma Anandane said...

lovely haiku.I liked it

Anonymous said...

smoking is so much injurious to health n despite reading such a warning i will sill smoke i know.. damn it!!!
nice one sourav..

Anonymous said...

Aaha!! Loved the work.. Amazing.. :)

Sweta said...


S said...

@Ank - THANKS a lot! Ahh I am good at that! :p

@Umapoems - Errr, haiku .. what? I just wrote and it turned out to be some style? Thanks for liking, anyway! :)

@Vivek - Warning? Am a smoker too, do we really care for all that crap? No! Cheers! And thanks :)

@Bedlam - Look who's here! Thank you! :)

@Sweta - Thank you !

Megha said...


Jaspreet said...

I have heard that people who smoke are generally thinkers /intellectuals? Is that true? :P
Really nice poem, btw-such an unusual topic it was but it flowed smoothly :)

Anonymous said...

LOL SCP. Its not a Haiku.. I think the person just got confused. :P:P

MuddassirShah said...

one cannot talk for all smokers to be intellectuals but here for sure we have one intellectual smoker.
Powerpacked stuff Sourav.

Looks like you are going to be Team WestIndies(australia) of Blogeshwar ;)
If you know what I mean :D

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) loved the wrk...flowed beautifully..

PiCee said...

....sigh!! still doesnt stop us from smoking, does it :P
Loved the pic choice...the lady in smoke !!

S said...

@Megha - Thank you! :)

@Jaspreet - Ohhh you heard that right, intellects are smokers .. you know me right? :p
The topic was usual, I made it unusual! :D Thank you! :)

@Bedlam - Yeah, I checked. Haiku is something similar to this! She was confused for sure! ;)

@Mudassir - You got that right man! Are you one intellect (smoker) too? ;)
Thanks a lot! I hope you don't be the India or Sri Lanka to my hopes, you have every capability! :D

@Devil - Thanks a lot! :)

@P - Nope! I don't mind my breathes being taken away! Wanted a woman and smoke in the same pic, serves the purpose right! :p

Unknown said...

wow. this took my breath away. :)

IceMaiden said...

Here's a lady offering you a cheers ;)

Pooja said...

Wow.. Excellent verse.

"Mightier being" how subtle :P!

This should be posted as an ode to smoking. A wonderful end to an unwanted habit.

Anonymous said...

Nice poem and amazing did u quit smoking :)????

S said...

@Mehak - Really? Thanks! :)

@Ice Maiden - I need to talk to you now! ;)

@Pooja - Thank you! You see, I am mostly subtle! :p
End??? Errrr you are mistaken! :p

@Shalu - Thank you! :)
But no, quitting doesn't seem to be probable! :)

Samadrita said...

You're very good with verses is all I can say. Depressing piece though!

nandita prakash said...

nice one buddy ;)

OP said...

superb ...

Jaspreet said...

Well, i still think the topic was unusual-One hardly writes poems about SUCH topics ? :P

S said...

@Samadrita - Thank you. If you read it closely, it's not ! :)

@Nandita - Thank you!

@Op - Thanks..

@Jaspreet - Topic was unusual, but for one one thinks and talks mostly about the smoky lady; it is not so unusual! ;)

Anu said...

u wrote this??? woah!
another poet here ;)
you know i do poetry too...sometyms

chér said...

what a wonderful poem u have come up with for your 'deadly' mistress (cigarette) :P


liked it..dont know much about poetry but i feel its finely written :)

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

Message in your poem must reach to those who smokes for pleasure and end up their lives with ashes like a fate of cigratte.

S said...

@Anshita - I guess, I did! :p
I know, and you should come out public! :)

@chér - As long as you love the lines, who cares if it's a poetry or verse! Thanks, that deadly mistress is making me count days! ;)

@Pratibha - I hope it reaches others, though it didn't even reach the one who wrote it! :)

Beyond Horizon said...

a few minutes pleasure will alwys take awy d breath 4ever.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

a beautiful song by Police i think on similar words

and the post indeed is beautiful the poem says it all


Palak Vasant said...

It isn't just about smoking and a woman, right Sourav? I like the verses :)

S said...

@Beyond Horizon - It does, but those moments are worth more thn a lifetime! :)

@Bikram - May be, I have heard the one by Rex Smith.
Thanks man. And yes, I know! :|

@Palak - You know me. Need an answer now?

Anonymous said...

good one man....a harsh mistress isnt it?

Deeps said...

Wow, beautiful flow of words!

Uma Anandane said...

Powerful message in your poem

S said...

Uma, you want a vote so badly that you posted two vague comments on the same post and you don't even remember. You could have directly asked for it!

@Srikal - yes, harsh!

@Deepa - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

A very good social message hidden in the poem. well done!!

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Apparently Intellectual said...

you wrote this? kyaa baat hai :)

The West Wind said...

Really really good.. According to me, smoking is one of the greatest banes mankind has or will ever face :) I am so glad.. that men fell, or atleast realize the same :)

Nisha said...

Nice one:) well written !