Because I believe!

Being just an ordinary being,
I may not lift a thousand pounds
I sure can move a mountain though!

Being just an ordinary being,
I may not spring off of the leaps and bounds
I sure can see around them though!


Being just an ordinary being,
I may not foresee when trouble is coming
I sure can overcome when it’s here though!

Being just an ordinary being,
I may not be able to do everything
I sure can make the best of what I can though!

Being just an ordinary being,
I still have the belief
Because I have the strength within!

Yes, I do!

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Nivedita Thadani said...

What a positive thinking Sourav :-)))))))
And I am sure YOU DO!!
Keep it up.

People who believe blogging is an insult should visit your blog once.
(I am upset because today I read few lines in a news paper that blogging has ruined the quality of writing... and something bla bla....)

moonlite:D said...

amazing Sourav,,

take a bow :)

R-A-J said...

A friend of mine once told me his motto of life : "I M ? I ! I M" - literally meaning "I am what I think I am".

I really thought it was a very cool n powerful statement.

Like SRK once said, "agar kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to saari kayanath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai"

I am extraordinary. Because I believe I am.

(n cos I'm mellu :P)

Tejaswi Gupta said...

Wot a positive attitude towards life... As u mentioned d uncertainity of life and ur perspective abot it,is spectacular..rly appreciable..

Nidhi.. said...

So true and strong willed. Love the confidence in the tone!!

S said...

@Nivedita -
Thanks for being so confident about my confidence, it never comes easy in today's world, which I am sure you'd understand! :)

Do not bother for what upsets you, confidence and ignorance are the keys to happy life! :D

@Moonlite -
Thank you! :)

@Raj -
On words (and symbols) it looks actually cool!
SRK kabhi kabhi kaam ki baat bhi bol deta hai! ;)
It is just being confident about oneself, no matter how you get it :)

@Tejaswi -
Nothing comes easy! I struggled to reach such thoughts! Thank you if you really find them appreciable! Thanks a lot! :)

@nidhi -
Thanks, happy you loved and identified the tone! :)

Lehari. said...

Euphemisms... :)

Viyoma said...

Truly Optimistic!!

Nelieta said...

Inner strength can carry us through all obstacles in life!

Unknown said...

I really loved this poem..A testament to being positive and having a great self esteem. A wonderful anthem for the young especially
I started following you

the factfiction said...

Being just an ordinary being
i can not really move heaven and hell in appreciation
i sure can go speechless over a writing i am moved with :)