Sādhogopāl Rām: Nothing changes anything like death! And though death of a close one hurts the worst but it brings the person, who lost a close one, face to face with himself & the way his life is going to unfold from that moment on. He recognizes that self within which eventually inspires him to claim what he otherwise would've never... even dared to think.

I guess that’s the reason why the saying exist-Death is Beautiful!


Sourav C. Pandey: Death scares me! It's only weeks, someone really close to me died! Death is NOT BEAUTIFUL AT ALL! It's the end. And I don't like them!

Sādhogopāl Rām: ‎Well, Brother.. no body likes death, not even me.. and death is indeed scary and it also the end.. But, what I meant here is the afterlife which starts when you lose someone close to you.

Sourav C. Pandey: How do you know the afterlife .. read it in books, silly hollywood or bollywood movies, that thing called god enlightened you .. no! no! no! Nothing related to death can ever be nice. I wish death DIES!

Sādhogopāl Rām: Come on, Bro. you don't need to be so cynical..and besides what you are talking is just childish. Death, no matter how painful, is the ultimate truth.
And no one escapes the cold cuddle of truth, no one.
Oh.. about afterlife.. no, i did not read it in books, silly hollywood or bollywood movies.. and No, God certainly did not enlighten me.. as its me who is expressing his own thoughts and feelings.
Tell me, do you stop living when a close relative dies?,.No, You start fresh, you take new steps.. remembering them in each one of them.. and taking courage from it.. inspiring yourself so that... when You finally start living.. you know, you feel.. that .. that someone is now smiling upon you for not giving up.

Sagar Bhanushali: Death can b termed as a later phase of life...nd a ultimate truth...

Sourav C. Pandey: Friend, not all truth are always likable. And you know childish thoughts are the purest and most honest thoughts, when one talks childish, he/she talks good.
See even you agree, COLD cuddle of truth, we HAVE to submit to it, tell me WHO wants to see their LOVED ones die?
We don't start afresh, we HAVE to, we don't stop living; we HAVE to live for the ones who love us; I really wish I could see them smile each infront of me, and don't have to live on IMAGINATIONS!
You know Sadh, due to some unavoidable reasons, I have to watch a post-mortem right infront of my eyes, the one Uncle who always taught me about behaving with humans, was treated like an object! you tell me what was NICE about that or his death at all?

If death had to be termed as a later phase of life, it wouldn't have termed death et al!

Sādhogopāl Rām: Man, I've no words, justification or for that matter argument to offer to your reply above.
I'm sorry for your uncle's death, I really am..but except my condolences there's nothing I can give you.. May be, after years and years of life living.. when you think about what we talked today.. you might realize what I meant.
And one thing, when childs talk or someone talks childishly.. they ain't honest.. they are naive.. they no nothing about life or for that matter death.
Anyways, brother.. its useless to stretch this thing over such issue. SO i would request you to please.. At Peace, brother, at peace!

Sourav C. Pandey: Dude that's fine. It was not an argument for me, just an expression. :)
And you are right, we don't always get what we want .. the truth!
Thank God I'm naive; and I'm just learning myself what the real world is like. I'm glad I could wait this long before I had to deal with reality. :)

Do not get wrong opinions, this is a chat, me and my friends had over a Facebook wall discussion, and these are general opinions, not some heated up arguments. I wanted to have some more opinions, so I just copy and posted the exact words over here. Sadhogopal Ram is one of the finest blogger I know, you can catch him blogging at - This is ARTH about everything.

PS: I am fine, but at times we need expressing our emotion and sharing them too. I know this must not have been a happy read, considering my WORST stupidity, ohh and for those who don’t know me or want to offer me some challenging new job, may read my Curriculum-Vitae ! :P :)

OFF TOPIC UPDATE – My indiblogger friends should read and let me know their opinions on this topic I posted - Too many blogging networks; a bliss or a headache? Blogging identities!

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Nikita said...

Hie Saurav,
its sad to hear that..
Death is unavoidable and its the basic fact of life too.Even i wonder at times why its said that life after death is beautiful,may be people said this to keep themselves and their loved ones happy...

take care.
lots of love.

Rocksa said...

Death spares none..neither me nor you..Accept it. Certain people 'die' in our eyes when they're still alive(a relationship gone sour for example).But we learn to move on & we should. Yet there are others who actually die and continue to live in our mind as memories.As for the bitter memories..time is the best healer.

Nobody likes negative things like death,disease,ailment,loss,uncertainty,fear etc., but had it not been for these things, human-beings would not have stayed grounded. The fact that life is temporary should become a reason to live it to the fullest sans regrets or remorse :)

After all, we live but once :)

S said...

@Nikita - I really AGREE with you! I guess it's how people like to keep themselves happy, as there is not much of an option left!
Sorry for not being regular on your blog, have been really occupied.

Love and good wishes for you too :)

S said...

@Raksha - It spares none, it's rude! Accepted! When did I say it's nice and sweet? Moving on is okay, but how can I like death or for that matter anyone?

Absolutely, there are so many worst things in life, one should live life every moment! I'm one person, who believes in living life 'no matter what'. But this is off the topic, and it can never justify death as something beautiful! Can it?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you made me famous :D

Sorry for cracking bad joke.. but on a serious note.. really sensible thing to do on your part.. :) appreciate you doing this..

S said...

@Sadh - Pay me with few bottles of beer when me meet! Are you getting too many chick's request? :P

Friend, I liked our discussion and wanted everyone's opinion, and I like interaction instead of forcing my point. :)
And yes, I'd like you to please reply to the comments from everyone too, as you are as much involved in the discussion too.

Blunt Edges said...

i don't think i'd ever wanna die, but i sure wanna hit the bucket before any of my loved ones!

there's nothing cool about death. period.

S said...

@BE - Exactly! But I don't mind dying, if I don't have to see any close ones die.

Death is crap. Yes.

Anonymous said...

No chicks, mate.. only dudes hitting on me :p

Well, I would have loved to reply to each one of them.. but my opinion is a bit different then what is being expressed by others here.. and nothing's wrong in their views.. its just that. .. After losing my mom & dad.. i realized that there's no point in lamenting over something on which i don't have control over.. so instead of living an uninspired and disillusioned life, I decided to do something different with it.. something no one had expected me to do.. I decided to follow my late parents desires and dreams.. I promised myself.. that I'll fulfill their desires and dreams come what may.. and I can proudly say this today.. that I've started fulfilling them one by one.. and will complete the rest too :)

The point is.. this passion to live for their desire and dream only came after their death (they were murdered).. you see.. i was quite small at the time of their death.. 14 year old.. so you can't blame me for not having the passion to live for my parents desires and dream when they were alive.. now I am a grown up man.. completely aware of what I want from life.. and this knowing has filled me with immense energy to live life to its fullest so that when I go.. you can say.. "Sadho, lived the life his parents had once thought of living"

Thats it, brother.

I hope it cleared some doubts about why I say - death Is Beautiful.

S said...

I am sorry, if I had hurt you in anyway. There is nothing or anyone in this whole world who can compensate for your loss. My condolences to you. Trust me when I say this, I really had tears after reading your comment.

Hats off to you dude! You are one of the best son any parent can ever have. I wish you all the best in whatever you do always! :)

But you know Sadho, I can never take any inspiration from a death. It scares me, no, not for my own life or death! It can never be beautiful, it will only be the END!

I really appreciate your ways and strong character mate, and happy that you have come out of all the negatives, and living a life for your parents. Life is beautiful friend, and you know it! Wish you all the smiles and good wishes. :)

S said...

PS: Don't lie, please don't take away any of my girlfriend .. ohh if those are dudes, enjoy and never send them back to me! :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, brother, you never hurt me or my sentiments.. we were just expressing what we both personally feel/felt about the things that affect/affected our life.

You know, I've often been critised because I've always taken inspiration from darkness.. there's this friend of mine, whom I admire a lot for his simplicity, is always trying to persuad me to take inspiration from light.. and its not like I don't take inspiration from light.. but I've personnaly found darkness a source of light.. after all.. light comes after darkness.. anyways.. that's another matter..

Death, no matter what, as you said is the End.

Thanks for your wishes.. I really need them to keep moving ahead in life :)

P.S. I've already parceled back the dudes.. you can have them.. as they came from your site.. and i don't take 'used' stuffs :D

S said...

:) .. That's right! Expressions often get misjudged and that's why I clarified! :)

Man, darkness inspires you? Wow! I need some motivation from you, I can't get much out of darkness, except some mushy romance! Dude, whatever inspires one is the right thing, and as long as it's a postive inspiration .. it's fine :)

PS: I just rejected the parcels, btw I will have to check your blog and facebook now, to know how much popularity you have raked from being mentioned here! :P

Pooja said...

Death is ineveitable.. and it hurts when you lose someone close to it..
but would you prefer immortality for that someone or yourself for that matter.. continuous never-ceasing existence.. it's the worst deal i think..
however short life seems, with death always the end product, it makes it crucial for us to live it to the fullest..

Vitek said...

Vitek here.
I understand very much both of your positions.
If you loose someone close, who contributed to your identity and created a part of your past being a source of your memories, it is one of the most powerful events in one's Life.
You will almost always go through two phases, wanting two things:
a) Revenge. The more atavistic, primal side of you will want to get revenge. Eventually, your inability to enact it (because revenge destroys your life the way you knew it, most often) will force you to give up on this idea.
b)Inner crisis. You begin to wonder what is the meaning of life if life can be destroyed any second.
Eventually, you will be forced to create some meaning to the death of your loved ones.
Ways vary. People find different ones.
It is almost inevitably like this, cause it is a coping mechanism.
I come from a deeply nihilistic place where I see all we do after the death of the close ones as a coping mechanism, a necessary one.
Truth is, death is a constant in nature.
Everything eats everything. Plants get eat, insects get eaten, animals get eaten. Death is a constant part of the circle. Nature knows no murder, nature knows only survival.
So any meaning we give to the Death is our creation we made, because we could not bear the though of death being meaningless. Cause then Life seems meaningless.
Although this is deeply nihilistic, the ultimate result is that you stop struggling with the fact that you are creator of your meanings and decision and therefore co-creator of your world.
And I might personally want to die for a world where everyone has freedom over themselves, cause only with freedom comes ultimate responsibility for your life and ultimate growth.
I have failed to believe in any meanings I have attributed to the death of my close ones.
But this trial forced me to face myself (just as is written above) more deeply than I ever would. It create a unique future for me, totally different than the one I would be on if the death did not happened. It is almost mind-blowing to realize the extent of that change.
Well, good discussion guys.
I am not always a big fun of spirituality, being radically down-to-the-earth sometimes, and I somewhat sympathized with Sourav more on this, till I learned that Sadhogopal lost his parents in this way. I think you have been through a mighty trial and I say you have stood through it with honour.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Sourav,

I would never say, its a stupidity as u mentioned in ur PS. Its so wise post.. yeah, not every one can express this way, though we all feel the same abt death.

No one ever dares to leave their loved ones.. agrees, but when it is the inevitable act of nature, we have to accept it similar to the way we accept any other resource provided by nature..i feel this.

Thanks for the nice post Sourav..:)

Vishal Raj said...

Hi Sourav,
My condolences. Yes, death is inevitable. Most bitter and the last truth everyone faces. Death is never beautiful. Nobody knows of life after death. But its just our hope that the pains that we face in this world do not exist in the other world and hence it might be delightful to assume that death is beautiful.

Take care

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Unlike yesteryears, its nice to know that people are now realizing that death is inevitable and they are not afraid of (at least some of us). Death can be beautiful if one has lived a contented life of his choice.