I love her. 26 years, I tried to tell her, but never could. In this time a lot happened – growing up, education, career, marriage and her husband’s death. I tried till I got cancer 2 years ago!

Killing Time
Her funeral. I’ll try now, again. After all, there is no better ghost in this graveyard than me.

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Anonymous said...

ufff... is baar kisko maaar daala..
aur tum kyu bhoot banke bhatak rahe ho..
ishh.. zinda hoke chain se jeene nai dete :P
marne ke baad bhi kyaa tangg karoge..
bhaag idar se :P

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

Oh this is spooky....

Anonymous said...

Lol.. pata nahi kya likhun.. Nice :D:D

Pooja said...

loved megz's comment hahaha "bhaag idhar se" lol :D!!!

sorry, i loved your post too, lost love and all tht, but the comment takes the cake..

cant stop laughing!

good job (both of you :))

Sh@s said...

Lolzz...spooky. Wondering how scary ghostly love will be and will it haunt, too??? :D

The Heretic Teen said...

Creepy....but nice...gave me a cool dark feelin :P

Shriti said...

spoookyyyyyy..... (o.o)

Samadrita said...

This is so creepy and so tragic it actually made me laugh.
And LOL at Meg's comment. :D
(Okay I guess I'm laughing too much :P)

Ann said...

Sorry... But could not understand this post :(

Rocksa said...

First up, I love the comments in response to the post! As for the post, Ooooooo..IT SCARED ME! :P

S said...

@Megz - Time ko maar daala, ab premika nai milega toh bhoot toh banunga hi! Tu jahan jahan chalegi mera saaya sath hoga! :p

@Gazal - It was meant to be ;)

@Bedlam - Ab mujhe b nai pata, reply kaise karun! :p Thanks :)

@Pooja - Megz is a dumbo! :p
And aye it was all my job, how can she take the credit! :p Thanks :)

@Shas - Yes! Yes! You are lucky am not your lover! :p

@The Heretic Teen - Thanks! Sometimes it good to feel creepy! ;)

@Chocolate lover - Yaaaayyyyy! :p

@Samadrita - Mere pyaar pe you are laughing, not good I am telling you! :p

@Ann - Just a simple story of a lover haunting the loved one even after his death!

@Raskha - Damn it! My post is not getting as famous! you get scared so easily! :p

Saad Shaikh said...

Lol.. Sourav ki bhatakti aatma bhi flirt hai.. :P

Blunt Edges said...

Different. Nice :)

deepa kashyap said...

maar dala time ko hi :O

Phoenixritu said...

The blog post left me speechless ... it was creepy and different but Megz' comment - LOL

The Enchantress said...

terrific post !!!!

whom have you killed ???

whom had you loved so..much ??

why ,graveyard ???

answer all my questions !!!

S said...

@Saad - Toh aatma toh meri hi hai, nature kaise badlega! :p

@Blunt - Thanks! :)

@Deepa - I am so brutal! :D

@Phoenixritu - Never thought this will have such an impact! Megs toh ITEM hai :p

@Nikita - Hahahahaha! :p

I killed time!
Myself! :D
Coz I want to marry in a church!;)
Answered all your question, though it was a fiction, and I'm still alive! :p

Beyond Horizon said...

hmm...searching her even in eternity...lovely....but in graveyard???

Azad said...

Nice post man!

shail said...

Spooky, but loved it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm....this was interesting.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Bahut passionate ho kar likhi gai laghu katha!

Unknown said...

Creepy...always love ur posts♥

S said...

@Beyond Horizon - Eternity begins from a graveyard! ;)

@Azad - Thanks! :)

@Shail - Yes, thank you! :D

@Nehha - Thanks!

@S.R.Ayyangar - Shukriya Sir!

@Thamanna - :D Thank you so much!

Ritz.. said...

hmmmm .... attractive actually compels you think and leave a comment :P


Deepika Vasudeva said...

aaila! ye to maine ab padha!

and i didn't understood a bit.. phew.

Alcina said...

Better late than never..

Lage raho bhootbhai :P

domain hosting said...

I think that, you will tell her in heaven. I love your post very much.......

Sony said...

Funny and Sad