I celebrate myself, and sing myself!


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget! And I’ve been blessed with a lot of friends and love! And instead of being a narcissist as always, I wanted to know what my friends think of me, so here is what they think of me (in no specific order):

Papa : Intelligent!

Mummy : Lovable!

Gaurav (brother) : Kameena!

Aeishah Arshad : Opinionated, in a good way!

Neha Hadkar : Happy-go-lucky!

Tikuli Dogra : Charmer!

Meghana Subhramaniam : People cant avoid you or ignore you.. no one can be angry with you! They can hate you or they can love you but they sure can’t ignore you! No matter what they would always wanna be with you!

Missy Meow (Anne) : Passionate about the things he loves!

Mani Padma : Perfect! ( *Conditions apply )

Honey Gupta : Amusing and snippy - People may hate you people may love you...but they surely "can't" ignore you!

Aimun Shahid : Likeable! flirt! caring! nice! irritating! smart! humble! arrogant! over confident! honest! bragger.

Prachi Bansal : Asshole! ( *Like-mindedness )

Rashmi Rao : Its a wonder for me to know you 're still Single..! Hope someone out there takes ur "Face it! You want me" seriously..! ♥

Anshita Juneja : Simple yet interesting!

Tavish Chadha : Bindaas with a Happy go lucky attitude and the ‘I give a damn what the world thinks’!

Chandrakala Venkatesh : Innovative!

Saad Shaikh : Dhinchak, Kameena, Hero!

Meneka Goel : Stupid, yet lovable!

Poonam Badhe : Opulent with simplistic probity!

Arjit Srivastava : To know an asshole, you got to be one!" To hell with it,, you are an-asshole. But, in the utmost positive way!? You know what I mean? ;) Also, not to skip you are a firm believer of "The-No-Asshole-Rule." An asshole who is really proud of it. So proud that Chuck Norris shat himself when he got to know about you! Being an asshole - it's not just science, it's an art. And you're the master of it! :)

Indy HK : Cool!

Aarthi Venkatesh : Outward!

Ritu Lalit : You are the networking expert, awesome communicator, young and vibrant. I respected you for your stand on CWG though I do not endorse your view. Keep shining .... and try your hand at screenplays, your writing has that vibrant immediacy!

Neha Thakkar : Opportunist! ( *In a good way )

Nidhi Pandey : Simple, Intelligent, Intelligent and sweet!

Shruti Vajpayee : My punching bag

Pria : Charming!

Palak : You are a nice guy all in all, but an egoist at the same time. There is a depth in you but shallowness at the same time!

Jaspreet : Well, you're the most optimistic person I have come across, I wont call you a narcissist but you simply love yourself(along with others) and there's nothing wrong with it.Infact ,your attitude makes others feel positive about themselves too


These are some of the views about me by my friends, and trust me behind every description, there is a reason! Well, you know me too, why don’t you leave a comment and tell me what you think? I will update this post with whatever opinion you have about me, good or bad; just be honest!

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting!

– William Shakespeare

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy! :-)

19 people read and said:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and honest post.

Sanchita said...

WOW! Interesting post...:)

Anonymous said...

u dint include the word i used....
and u definitely dint include the whole of what i wrote...

Beyond Horizon said...

an awesum post!
i neednt say nethin more...but still even m blessed 2 hve a frnd like u! who really treasures frndship :)

Jaspreet said...

:) :) That's so true!
Btw, what's the reason for diff colors in your post(blue for most of them n black for a very few)? :P

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

charming!! :)

Rajlakshmi said...

is it appraisal time already :P just kidding..,
wonderful post :) people really some nice things to say abt you :P

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) Kool self appraising post..!
Bindaas one..

Ann said...

Well.. Interesting post.. I liked Gourav's opinion much.. Lollzzz... Keep posting

S said...

@Nehha - Thank you!

@Sanchita - Interesting me! :p

@Meghana - That is coz it was almost an essay, if I had used your description it would have ended as one separate post! But thank you! :)

@Beyond Horizon - That was sweet Poonam, friends like you make life all the more special! :)

@Jaspreet - People who have blogs are linked, so their name appears in blue color and those names without a link appear in black! No special treatment Miss for anyone! :p Btw, I didn't get your opinion??

@Pria - Edited and added! Thank you! :)

@Rajlakshmi - You bet, I don't leave any opportunity for self appraisal! ;) Nice is too small a word if you read them right! :p

@Devil - Thank you! :)

@Ann - I was waiting for someone to say that! Well, I like his opinion too! :p Thanks ! :)

Jaspreet said...

My Opinion!-Well,you're the most optimistic person I have come across, I wont call you a narcissist but you simply love yourself(along with others) n there's nothing wrong with it.Infact ,your attitude makes others feel positive about themselves too :)

Shriti said...

nice post :D

RaNiiiiii said...

hehe.. nice post sourav.. u know what i think abt u..

Devilishly naughty ;)

don't mind :P

Rashid Faridi said...

Great Post.
Great Site.
Thanks for Visiting and appreciating my Blog.
We share some personality traits.

Unknown said...

Ure someone I'd like to know, but from the comments I think you're a but addictive.
interesting post.

B said...


Manjunath said...

"Gaurav (brother) : Kameena"

ha ha haha i don't know most of the time people have similar take on their brother's i think its deeply encoded in our genetics :) btw nice read!

Babe said...

It's certainly a great fishing expedition. Except, friends rarely, if ever, mince their words ;-)

Alcina said...

You know madly,badly,truly like this line which says
"To love someone, you need to love yourself first"

But can't follow it in any damned way.

Happy many people can do that.

From me> :) :)= 3 :D