I walk alone, without me…

What has happened to us?

A few days ago, we were inseparable best friends, but now I couldn’t see less of you. It hurts to just watch you walk away with your other friends without inviting me along. You didn’t even say good-bye.

“I got ditched, I was alone once again” I muttered to myself.

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Anonymous said...

I feel exactly this way. Nice post. :)

Anonymous said...

.. :)

Ann said...

Yeah..It hurts.. But sometimes, time takes such a turn that, even best of friends become unknowns.. But such is life.. :)

Jaspreet said...

The pic says it all...very carefully chosen it is!

The Enchantress said...

Really touching post !!!

i am in love with the title " I walk alone, without me ".

good work !!

Anangkr said...

Could feel the emotions in these lines...it really does hurt a lot to see them cross before you.

UjjwalRaaj said...

Story of my life. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side?Who needs em if they don't need you?


I like your blog. You work very hard on it don't you?I'm going to stick around a bit more to see what other pleasant surprises I can find.



S said...

@Sherry - Happy to have you here! Thank you! :)

@Bedlam :)

@Ann - Here the best friend was 'He' for himself, and he lost him too now! :)

@Jaspreet - Yo guessed it right, it took me a lot of time! Thanks! :)

@Nikita - Thank you. I justmanage to write! :)

@Anurag - what hurts more is when you lose yourself, as such in this post!

@UjSen - Probably you are right for yourself. But you got the meaning of this prose wrong.

Thanks. No, I don't work hard, I just post and everything falls in its own place all by itself! :)

Anita Jeyan said...

Loved the title the best.
And how much each one of us readers can relate from just a few words.
Well conveyed.

Anita Jeyan said...

And the guy in the pic looks a lot like u :D

S said...

@Anita - The title and the picture selection took me more time then writing the post! And even though it may appear to you, I am not the guy in the pic! :p

On a serious note, thank you and the fact that people can relate to my feelings in some way, serves the purpose of my writing! :)

PiCee said...

few words and aptly written... the pic says it all. its a weird feeling one gets!!

Sh@s said...

Its painful when best friends do that.
Crisp and terse. Well-written.

nitwit said...

tym changes and people with it.. hope u find aperson worthy of ur friendship soon ...have faith

Pooja said...

Loved the title.
I can totally relate to the post. No matter how much you try to hold on to a person, if the gotta go, they go. Leaving you behind alone and miserable.

Your post inspired me to write this: http://thoughtfulrandomness.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/not-what-i-thought-you-were/

Let me knw if you liked it!

S said...

@P - Thank you! Such feelings just creep in at times!

@Shas - It is! But I was talking about loosing, if you missed the last line! :)

@Nitwit - I have a lot of friends, this was written just like that! AND I am not talking about ANY one else here, except self!

@Pooja - Thanks! In this post, this guy feels miserable he looses himself, the best friend any person can have! :)
will just be on your blog now! :)

Anonymous said...

Did I miss what this post meant.. Or were you saying that you, Sourav, are so occupied with your "social self" in this mad rush of life and friends that you do not have time for "self self" anymore.

You are your best friend - talking, sharing, discussing and arguing with yourself, but now you're turning your back against this, and your inner self is sad that you have no time for yourself.

That's what I understood. I could be totally off the rocker, of course.

Enlighten me please.

S said...

@laafatlife - you didn't miss a word or it's meaning, in fact you were one of the REALLY few who who managed to get the essence of this post right! And your comment actually cleared my doubt that writing is not so flawed! Thank you Deepti, really! :)

And yes you are again completely right, we get so busy with our social life, work, studies, etc that we neglect us the most! Yes, I wrote this post really late yesterday night after thinking about the whole situation. It is really important to give self the time and attention, we always hope from ourselves!

Thanks again, now I know someone understands the flawed me! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sourav,

I know what you mean by 'time for self'. I go to many lengths to make sure I have time for myself for a while everyday. Clears up my head. Makes me human.

Which is why I understood most exactly what you said :)

I'm glad it made you happy! :) See why I don't comment just like that?

I love your posts. Sometimes wish I could write some like yours. Writing is a beautiful thing! It is all in how the writer knits the words. You do a fine work.

May you continue to give your best!


S.R.Ayyangar said...

Sometimes friends part for good.

Blunt Edges said...

We have all been there, haven't we? :)

S said...

Deepti, mind giving me some lessons on how do you manage to do that? Coz of late, the person I ignored most is me! :|

If your comments are as special as this, I will FORCE you to write a comment on every post now! :D

OKAY! And this was TOOO big a compliment, you write excellent stuff, I just write without thinking much! No comparisons at all! :)

You keep coming, that helps!
Thanks :)

@Mr. Ayyangar - Yes Sir, everything happens for a reason.

@Blunt - True! :)

R. Ramesh said...

beautiful title boss:)

Palak Vasant said...

In the end all that is left is walking on a lonely path (besides tatters and nays) with handful of reflections. Fewer lines are intense...and then some say "I don't think too much" I wonder?

Toyin O. said...

Very moving. You will meet better freinds.


S said...

@R. Ramesh - Thanks man! :)

@Palak - Isn't the end in itself means being left alone? See you back to wondering, don't you get tired! :p
On a serious note, this post was because I don't generally think!

@Toyin O - Welcome to my blog! And thanks for the wishes and liking too! :)

deepa kashyap said...

Ye toh teri photu lag rahi hai :O
tune apni pic hi laga di idhar kuch kuch likh kar? :P

S said...

Arey O Deepa, tu toh andhi hai re! :p

deepa kashyap said...

tu samajhta hai ki koi nahi pahchan payega tere ko? mujhe sab theek theek dikta hai chasma tujhe laga mujhe nahi :D
btw tu kitna depressed dikh raha kon se no. ki gf bhag gayi teri?? bata bata :P

Anonymous said...

:( I CaN uNDeRsTaNd :(

S said...

@Deepa - Mujhe chasma nai laga, wo style maarne waala hai, dekh tu kitni andhi hai! :p Tere muu me ghee shakkar, lekin pehle hone de fir bhagaunga! :D

@Moonshine - Glad! :)

MuddassirShah said...

55 fiction is something I havent tried till day. Let me try my hand at it sometime

Unknown Wanderer said...

Bitter truth..
presented in just the lay-man's term liked it..!!

Sakhi. said...

I can soo relate to this :(

Fatima said...

There was a time I believed in, "Everyone is a stranger until they prove otherwise.." and now I believe in "Everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise.."

To be true I'm a bit tired and hopeless if at all whether they will stop doing this to me...it happens to all agreed but every time ??

Nice one....

Take Care Sourav :)