Thank YOU!

thank-youSome bloggers spend a long time writing into the void when they first get their site up and going. They forget that people aren’t searching for them; rather, they’re searching for content. And it’s hard to get your content read at the beginning because, realistically, other bloggers who are more established are already saying what you’re trying to say.

So, in the beginning bloggers write, and write, and write, and it seems like their work is just going into the dark void. Until the day when people start reading their blog. Even better, they start commenting on your blog.

I’m thankful for your comments – even the snarky ones. I always find the comments to be way more interesting than anything that I have written. Thanks for making my ordinary posts, extraordinary.


And if you haven’t noticed yet, my blog is now a complete website, with my own domain name - ! And for this I would like to specially thank Blogeshwar – a brand new blogging contest group, where I participated and won a domain name and some good friends for life!! Quoting what they say -

BLOGS “Since the dawn of mankind, humans have been fighting. Not only for survival, but also for establishing their supremacy. It has been the drug fueling all wars and ironically is the mother of all inventions. Keeping this theme in mind we present BLOGESHWAR. One who survives after the clash of blogs, will be the true Blogeshwar!”

Out of the total participants, the posts I really liked are from :

Varsha’s post - My Diary: Identity Theft - Shred your paper or regret about it later ??

Rinaya’s post - Guilty Until Eternity « Whispering Silence

Pawan’s post - The Other Perspective: The Anomaly of Crime.

And of course my contest winning post too – love with me and life – A Criminal’s Diary


Before rounding it off, I’d request bloggers to update their blogrolls. For every new reader, you are requested to stay in touch with me either by following blog or joining the ever-growing fan page of this blog on Facebook – In love with me and life . And finally, thank you for reading this entire post – you rock! :)

20 people read and said:

Anonymous said...

Way to go, man.

Congratulations on the achievement and all the best of coming future :)

Unknown said...

great news! congrats and here's to even more followers! :)

Nivedita Thadani said...

Each word in this post has lot of meaning and support for newbies here in blogging world.
You rock.
I feel good to follow your blog.
Congratulations. Keep up the work.

Harini said...

great! congrats on own domain :)

Anangkr said...

congrats on the domain thing, it really means a lot.
and with your post you just expressed the things that I too faced as a starter.

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

congratulationss!!! party tym!! \o.o/

Sh@s said...

Way to go dude!!

Anonymous said...


PiCee said...

own domain ... whoaa how cool is tat, congrats!!
u said it right, as a starter its difficult .. am still struggling and have a long way to go :P

S said...

@Sadho - Thanks bro! Best wishes to you too! :)

@Mehak - Yeah. Thanks a lot! :)

@Nivedita - You post one sweet comment, be it on facebook or here! Well, I hope I could pass on some experience, and thanks a lot for those words! :)

@Harini -Yeah! Thanks :)

@Anurag - Thanks man. Yeah it does. I face them still, and those challenges help me !

@Pria - Thanks! For sure! :D

@Shas - Thanks girl! :)

@Moonshine - Finally! A comment! :p Bilkul, ye Chulbul ne kaha tha na!

@P - Yeah! It is! Love my name on top there! :D Ahh you write well, you will be rocking! :))

Samadrita said...

Congrats on winning three contests back-to-back! :)

Unknown!!! said...

Congrats on winning a domain for urself..

S said...

Thank you Samadrita, but your appreciations matter to me more! :)

@Unknown - Thanks man!

The Enchantress said...

touching post !!
i guess, we all have been through this stage...

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

Congrats Sourav :)
Ur blog's surely getting noticed :)

S said...

@Nikita - touching, really?
Yeah. may be.

@Sathish - Thanks mate! Yeah, it's coz of some constant readers like you! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats buddy.. Yayyy!!!

This is awesome.. Robinhood has a domain of his own now.. :)

Jaspreet said...

Congos!! :)

Rahul Desai said...

Loved it! I specifically loved your way of introducing the 'side-note' content as a part of the article, while maintaining the article tempo and the context. (I'm likely picking up this style for my next article.) ;)

My good wishes for your future IndiVine endeavors.

Alcina said...

I don't have a say in this one..

I am late :P(very much wala)