....and they live royally ever after?

Knotted royally,

The tradition continues,

But then, at what cost?







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Jorie Pacli said...

Short but beautiful poem with so much to tell.... Thanks.:)

Afshan Shaik said...

Whatever !!
why should we bother :)

moonlite:D said...

lol :D

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Hmmm.. do we really care? ofcourse it too good to be real.. its sounds more reel, bt then everyone is human rite?

Unknown said...

Their life aint real, its royal!

Anonymous said...


Pramoda Meduri said...

I firmly believe its not real..

Sh@s said...

Whatever...but they shall be croaking their love to each other :P

S said...

Jorie -
Thanks! :)

@Afshan -
Yes, whatever! :D

@Moonlite -
Perfect! :D

@Devil -
Not their fault entirely, but it was super hyped!

@Nehha -
Now this was new! ;)

@Pramoda -

@Shas -
Yes! Hahaha! So you meant the princes turned into a frog too as unusually the case with typical such stories! ;)

S said...

@Pooja - Isn't royal supposed to be real as well? :/

Someone is Special said...

"Whatever"... I love this thoughtful poem..

Someone is Special

theresia said...

I understand what you mean from this poem, dear Sourav:)

Thank you for reading my post. It has been a while since I posted it and I am not hoping somebody would pop up to read it. What I define as 'shallow' is those people who despise the attributes of royals and the luxuries (which they don't have) and they don't look further. At this point, I have to say thay you are not shallow because you justify your points:)

I think they pay their luxuries with all of their freedom and privacy, don't you think so? What is more tragic, they are not like those wannabe-famous celebrities, they were born to be and can't run from it.


magnoliaamber said...

Oh the above is me in other acccount!:) Sorry for the confusion!