I miss being careless!



12:15 PM : It rained today in New Delhi. During the free time me and my colleague came down for coffee and were watching these kids play and enjoying the rain. It was as usual, and I clicked some pictures. Usual, isn’t it?

12:50 PM : It stopped raining and we moved back to office, and now when I have all the time to think, it made me realize that how we miss being ourselves, how we can never dare to NOT bother for the world and be happy and how responsibilities takes over and we miss out on all the life!

1:30 PM : Henceforth, I’ve decided to take out more time for myself and all the silly things I have missed doing over the past few years, since the time I started working.

Do you love rains as well, want to share some thoughts or the drops of such pretty crystals?

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A grain of sand said...

and yes,life takes us to places and situations that just don't cut in, but in the end we have to see whether it really matters or not

maithili said...

You bet! How I want to go back to those childhood times when I could just drench myself in the rains. Love the rain! (although I used to fall ill after all my masti!) Now in degree years its all a 9 to 5 schedule and a couple of hours travelling :( no time to enjoy rains.. even leaving 30 min early feels like magic in rains :)

S said...

@Stuti -
Indeed, felt really good to resolve some non-materialistic yet wonderful for myself. Life may take us where it may wish to, but all along it will keep throwing up signs if we want to choose that way or not. Good to see you actively blogging :)

@Maithili -
There is no substitute to being a kid, but we sure can get close to being one, so the next time it rains and wherever I am..I'm all set to get drenched! :D
True, every minute that we save from our routined life seems like LIFE! :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

"Being yourself" It sounds too easy but its equally difficult when it comes to implementation. We are too concerned about others to do something like this... which we used to do when we were kids.

Our personality mutates as we grow up.
Nice read !!


Rià said...

Nice pic to depict what u wanted to say thru this post. Life was so different back then.