Love will never die, you are a part of me..

Dear guy-that-I-never-wished-for,
You make me think, that if I ever love(d) you!
Sincerely, a-girl-who-pretended-she-didn't-bother
P.S. Isn’t this your birthday, do you want something?

Dear girl-who-I-always-wish-for,
And that makes me think, that if I kiss you ..would you realise?
P.S. All I need is the girl who probably doesn’t love me!


Dear guy,
Okay, let's just be straight, guy.
I would've noticed you, if I loved you even a bit!
P.S. A very Happy birthday to you!

Dear girl-I-can’t-stop-thinking-about,
Remember, you asked me to give up an year ago!
Do you still think that works?
P.S. I'm as young and restless!


“The love game is never called off on account of darkness.”
~Tom Masson

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