I should’ve said no, really.

Those fine, rich lips moved towards my ear, "Come, let’s go!"
    No, I said.

She kept speaking, words burrowed like little whispering love-dreams into my brain, "I will show you the universe. You have to come with me to know, what you’ve missed all this while."
    I said No, yet again. But my heart-beats were too strong to be ignored.

"I can play you the tune of love!"
     “No!” Despite my refusal I knew I was getting drawn to her.

"Don’t you want to see how the sunshine glitters off sand on far-flung beaches…"
      No, I tried to be firm.

"...as the sun leaves the sky!"
      "No!" I almost shouted.

Twitching her lips, she smiled, "Tell me are you scared of committing a sin?"
    No, not really.

"What scares you, then?"
     Frowned, I  told her how I'm scared of being burnt by the copper that reflects in her hair."

"So," A vicious smile bloomed upon her lips, "you think I’ll harm you?"
     "Naah, not at all”

She pressed even closer to my ear, those luscious lips whispered her final thought, compelling enough, "Then just come with me now..."

      I just kept my eyes for the next few moments and could feel my life suddenly getting sucked out of me.

She just smiled.

      No. I really should have said No.

“..Luscious lips,
And so beautiful,
And when she smiles,
Those eyes reflecting love,
That pretty smile,
Like that last ray of sunshine,
It makes the heart beat faster!

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The Poet said...

Visiting from Bloggers.

When it comes to love...it's irresistible.
Nice piece of writing.
Thanks for sharing.

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