You and me, in paradise!

I always knew this would happen,
But never so early!
She is at a breathing-distance,
Looked gorgeous.
Subtle and warm,
I know it's coming
I sense it happening!
Her softness pressed against mine
Her lips sparks mine
She gives into my desires
Realised how much I craved for her.
Our wishes saw no end then,
But it had to.
And it does, reluctantly!


Souls touched through our lips,
She wraps herself up with me.
Our first kiss,

3 people read and said:


Nice, unlike what u usually write.

Whats up mister??

Gopal Mishra said...

Hi Sourav,

Great work...surprised to see you fan following...gr8 job

S said...

Trying to go offbeat :)
And thanks, that was well observed.

Thanks! But why surprised, am I not worth it?