I'll be your love; be everything that you need.

Know something about me; tell me something about you.
Pretense may be not be unheard around us, but ignore it in this conversation.
Let yourself be free and laugh; give up to let someone in.
Let me in.

Tell me about your strange dreams and stupid wishes, tell me how your day went.
Tell me something to make me cry, tell me something to make me laugh.

Let loose your shoulders, unleash yourself from the grip of worldly concerns.
Let yourself get lost in the conversation, lose track of time.
Let your feelings storm your face, and be mine to be read.
Let your muscles soften up in your hands, and be mine to be held.

Look into my eyes, my soul is there for you to love and be loved.
Talk to me beautiful, just let us be.

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Live2cherish said...

super likes :)
Simplicity at its best.