Judge me or love me!

Judge me.
Judge us.
Judge it.

Judge it all,
Judge my hair,
Judge my clothes,
Judge me!?

Judge my friends,
Judge my family,
Judge the people I grew up with,
Judge us!?

Judge my home,
Judge my school,
Judge my lifestyle,
Judge it!?

But remember while you judge all this,
There are people judging you too,
So judge me, judge us and judge it,
And we'd see who comes on top!

1 people read and said:


To judge
ain't easy
To Judge
is dizzy.
Sleazy tub
fill some more
thoughts, opinions and options.
till we happen to remain unheard nomore.
But judge what whom where
to judge, isn't funny
it is quite hard,
on the mind, on the heart,
but my friend
we must, must not
Judge too early,
for e might fail, too soon.