Love, forbidden?

What if I say I care,
Wouldn’t you miss me, like you used to?

What if I pretend to be there,
Wouldn't you let me hug you tight?

What if I pass by you,
Wouldn’t you turn back at me and smile?

What if I break down in tears,
Wouldn’t you stay back with me for a while?


What if I stare deep into your eyes,
Wouldn’t you be tempted to let me kiss you?

What if I walk away,
Wouldn’t you stop me, just for the sake of bliss?

And what if I were about to die,
Wouldn’t you be my friend, wouldn’t you love me then?

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commited to life said...


Chim's World of Literature said...

Magnificent this poem truly captures the love significant.

Zeba said...

Ah love. :-(