Something Like Love and Love, actually.

15th November, 2003 :

He : You know what's beautiful? …read the first word again.
       She : You’re such a sweetheart, I loooooove you!

25th August, 2006 :

He : When are you free to talk?
       She : Not today, will call you.

15th September, 2007 :

He : Please don’t break up, I love you. Really DO!
       She : You irritate me. I’m tired of you and I love SOMEONE else now!

He : I’ll never come back to you, ever.  
       She : GOOD-BYE!

12th June, 2009 :

She : Hey! How are you? Longggg time!
        He : Awesome! All good?

She : Not really. My Fiancée cheated on me, I called off the engagement.
        He : Sad!

She : Lets meet sometime?
        He : Sure, will do SOMETIME.

21st October, 2011 : 

She : You still look the same. Handsome, cute and I never knew you wrote so well too!
        He : Haha! Thanks.

She : Can’t things be back as they were? I know you still love me like your Princess!
        He : What things? ..Oh!


She : I know I’m your dream girl… 
(phone rings)
        He (on call) : Darling, I’ll be with you soon, just met a random classmate. See you!     

She : WHatttt? But I lov..
        He : Listen I’m already in love with an Angel, who loves me as much too and that’s not you. I was just here to invite you to my wedding. Here, the card. Do come!