Just The Way You Are..

What is it, Anshul?
           What? Nothing." "No, is something thing wrong?

Why don’t you tell me...
           Have no clue.. what are you talking about?

It’s been a month, I notice you keep staring. Do I stink? Do I dress up so bad? Do I look like a zombie?

Hmm.. Yes?

 Look... If I offend in anyway, just tell me... get over with this bullshit! I’m leaving..

           You smell lovely. Your skin glows with beauty, you’re the reason I feel alive at work. And you don't offend...

Stop joking, Ansh..
           Now you know why I've been this silent around you?

 Not really..
           This might change your mind..

"Rose lips, perched slightly; eyes closed, awaiting for my move
I move forward to her; hesitant, I push my lips to hers

Awkwardness washes over like rain, two pairs of lips
Touching innocently..And we kissed.. "

Do you know, now?
           Umm..I think this was how I never thought would be like.. And..

You are adorable, Saira..
           Take me out for a dinner, tonight?

2 people read and said:

Rg said...

Nice one..i m admirer of love stories..keep it up..:)

PiCee said...

awww ... i feel weak in my knees :)