Honour, killing !

We, the people

Rightly don’t rely on US, no more.
By us, I contextually meant 
United once we stood
Fell, anyway divided.

But with time and years, we see
Our tin-foil caps
Serve more as barrels of oil.
Those planes hit the towers,
But it’s our homes, which are in turmoil.



More of a wheelchaired veteran,
While those in Europe and in China
Are treated well with the young guns.

But to fire, we lack the
Crude oil

But to be good, we misplace the,

How would we be efficient, when are talent is happily,

To work hard, to achieve..don’t we need affordable,

We gladly call us, the developing to be the super-power
But aren’t we sinking more to sub-par?

Face the reality, stop dreaming
’Coz we are far less good,
Than we assumed we once were!

2 people read and said:

Gargi Gupta said...

The REALITY! I hope people learn something after reading this.

Angel said...

All got a role in our society , we have to do our part to make this world a better place to live in. An eye opener piece , nice one!