Love is just love, love is just us!

Love is being unconditionally insane.

Love is that shirt wet with her tears,
When she looked for a shoulder and you were there.

Love is that beautiful tender kiss to make her believe,
That you’d hug her till you live and even beyond eternity.

Love is that smile,
When she enjoys all the treasure hunts and the rides,
Just to jump off that swing to get cuddled up within you.


Love is that sensibility,
When you open that door for her and stand.

Love is that shelter from the pouring rain,
And holding her tight to protect.

Love is that hand brushing the hair out of her face,
To see that concern in her beautiful and deep eyes.

Love is that which won’t seek satisfaction or lust,
But yearning and understanding, it grows with time and trust.

Love is that which pulls and seeks,
But does not hate or push.

Love is that which can never be tamed,
But for once hold her hand,
Let her know how lovable she is,

Love is that, still untold,
As Love is love.

Love is Us !

12 people read and said:

Surbhi Jain said...

Congratulations for your 100th!
Love your poems :)

Keep writing!

A grain of sand said...

i really like this one:)

Vishal Raj said...

I think this time you've done a fantastic job. I quite liked it.

S said...

@Surbhi -
Thank you so much, you've been around always :)

@Stuti -
And it's so good to see a real smiling face, again :)

@Vishal -
Thanks a lot brother, am happy you liked it :)

Ananya said...

Thanks for leaving your comment.. I read this post of yours and I was like "WOW".. :)

sm said...

nice poem

Monica Dhiman said...

nice one and this indicates are in love with someone...:D don't tell me you are not :P

S said...

@Ananya -
It was my pleasure. Thank you for for being here, keep coming :)

@sm -
Thanks and thanks :D

@Monica -
Thank you! No, I am not.. my imagination is too deep and strong :D

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

To call what you write 'beautiful' will be a gross understatement. I went through many of your posts, and since I cannot comment individually on every single one of them, I'll just let you know here that you have created a huge fan in me. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I feel privileged to have received one from such a seasoned writer himself.

Vijeta Biradar said...

who says love (the feeling) cannot be expressed in words? Beautifully expressed!

S said...

@Saumya - Thanks a lot! And I just get a comment on one? I am not seasoned writer or anyone even close to it, I think I can just express what I felt or feel :)
And as a matter of fact, you express it well too :)

@Manshaa - I was clueless when I started writing, probably I felt a inch closer to expressing it, than I did usually. Thank you! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Awwwww!!! Super cute che!!!!

And congratulations hai ji!!!!! :) Century mubarak :D