She left me hurt and bleeding..

She was astonishingly pretty, but there was something strange about the way she smiled. She came breathing distance close to me, held my hand and pricked the tip of my finger. Red; delighted, she was to see my blood. Got it served in a plate and disappeared. The blood flow didn't stop!


Just to return after 10 minutes with a paper which said "Blood Group O+" :D

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maithili said...

nice witty idea!! :P I first thought it was about some vampire :P

Shilpi said...

Lol, nice one, very unique post :)

Gowthami Nandigala said...'s nice :)

Lehari. said...

Damn reality...
This blog is like giving wings to thoughts but after d intermission, deprive them of sky...n then put them back on ground...

Thumbs up !

Sourabh K Rao said...

ha ha ... many people have given blood but no one can think like you man...superb..:P

S said...

@Maithili -
Idea? No that's what happened in my mind when I went to get my blood group checked :D

@Sanjana -
:D Thanks!

@Gowthami -
Thanks, though the pain wasn't! ;)

@Lehari -
Bingo, you got the point! :D
And yes, this was a damned reality. Thanks :D

@ZeroCool -
Probably they all don't see such a hot nurse! :p

@Droopy Rose -
I know who to get in touch in case of emergency now, and so do you :)

Barkha Dhar said...

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A grain of sand said...

witttyyyy! nice!

S said...

@Barkha -
Thanks! Would son visit you back as well :)

@A grain of sand -
A name change? :p
Thanks, seeing you here after really long! :)