A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you!

"Anam, you are more than just you.." said Arjun curling his fingers through her hair. As they were so close, she could almost feel his breathe on her cheeks like those fresh blossoms, carrying the fragrance of first rain.

"Haan? Fine, I know you are drunk.." she replied back, and moves a bit away from him.

Do you really want to know?” Arjun holds her back and smirks.

Tell me please, what do you mean” she asked, while trying to let go from his grip.

You are..” Arjun paused, probably wondering about the exact description; ..like those misty clouds; if you see they are just clouds but if you let your imagination loose they’d be what you want them to be, for you. Or like those apologues; how they portray so many human emotions and can still have that one definite meaning. You are like that broken mirror too, which even when broken reflects back your true self...

Wow! And you think I am so much”, said Anam and hugged him back really close.

No” said Arjun, with a smile. “All that and so much more.

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For them love was more than love, more eternal … 

"I am cold, my feelings are numb! How is that fine for you?!" she was too confused and irritated at the same time. “Arjun, there is a lot more coming to make me feel worse than I am already feeling. After my first guy, I may never fall in love with anyone. My emotions have rusted; I may not feel love ever!”

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Angel said...

Sourav ..Very romantic post , touching ! Love knows no bounds ,it's beyond the mysterious beyond .

Jyoti Mishra said...

Full of romance and love...\
Nice job !!!

being alive said...

u can make ppl swoon wid ur writing u kno... :)

Sonia said...

Finally !!

I loved every bit of it...

The last post looked like.. kinda incomplete..

glad to read the sequel..

Love is meant for everyone... Everyone is meant for love.. When you start thinking its not meant for you, someone comes in your life to make you realize this :-)

S said...

@Angel -
Thanks and yes love never knows of boundaries, if it does it's not love!

@Jyoti -
Thank you :)

@Divya (being alive) -
Did you? Did you? :D
Thanks :) And put your fb profile pic on blogger too!

@Sonia -
This still is incomplete, there is a lot more coming up :) Though I am not writing in the form of sequels, just random chapters fro their lives.

SO SO true and well said Sonia! I am sharing that on the fb page!

Monica Dhiman said...

does this kind of conversation occur in real world ?so sweet :) i wish it is not fiction

Sony said...

"As they were so close, she could almost feel his breathe on her cheeks like those fresh blossoms, carrying the fragrance of first rain"
so beautiful

Lehari. said...

Convesations always bring nostalgia to me...
D line...rusted emotions reminds me of a song.."rusted from the rain"...

Above al i loved the two names...arjun and anam...
And loved the flow...
And this post is so much more...

S said...

@Monica -
Believe me, it happens. As I've always said; "fiction is inspired by some level of reality" :)

@Sony -
Thank you, that line took me the most time to be described well :)

@Lehari -
Nostalgia? Glad you could relate.
Thanks for song, I liked it too.
Yay! Someone noticed and liked the name choices too, hope you've read the other one as well.
Yes there is a lot more, and thank you again :)