Isn’t she beautiful?

Those eyes
Are like waves, rippling as they blink,
Might shed crystals, as they’d sail through
Her riverbank cheeks
When she is in tears.


Isn’t she beautiful?

Those hands
Softly they caress
To feel you on
Her chest,
Like soft curves in a stretch of sand.
Isn’t she beautiful?

Those lips
As seaweed flow across you,
Your arms
Your chest,
Your neck.

Isn’t she beautiful?

That body,
Lets you rest against her silken,
Being the lover
She always wishes for you.
Always trap you.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Unearthed, she will be
Unloved, he still is
Without the love of one
Ohh yes, indeed..

She is beautiful !

Beautiful in white - Shane Filan (Westlife)

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Rashmi said...


Mishilicious Mishi said...

this read reminded me something of FAIZ AHMAD FAIZ..( i hope you must have heard his name, one of a most known urdu poet)..farmaty hein..

"too nay dheki hai woh peshani,
woh rukhsar,
woh hont,
zindage jin kay tasuwur may bitta de hum nay....
tujh pay uthi hain wo sahir..khoeie ankheiin..
tujh ko maloom hai kion omer bitta di hum nay!!"

nice read;)

S said...

@Rashmi -
Thank you!

@Mishi -
Ofcourse who hasn't heard Faiz Ahmad Faiz. The comparison is in itself one compliment. Thank you :)

"Log kahte hain huyi thi baarish us roz..
Unhe kya pata ghum-e-haazir mein roya tha koi"

PS - And I was enjoying your comments, and you have noticed but I replied to you on mail :p
PPS - Be seen here more :)

Sameera said...

She is indeed beautiful.. You know, being in love and thinking about your better half is definitely one of the most pleasant parts of one's life.. :)

Thank you so much for visiting by :) Your comment was a great encouragement :)

Anonymous said...


A grain of sand said...

whoa! lover boy :D

Vinati said...

so lovey-dovey!!
well written. :)

tarunima said...

lovely sentiments!:)
I love the imagery..seaweeds was unique:)
well done.

Angel said...

Souravs ,those who can ask isn't she beautiful ? are the man who have beautiful heart also. Beautiful poem.

Vijeta Biradar said...

Beautiful (this post)?

Oh yes indeed..!

Very thoughtfully written :)

S said...

@Sameera -
Yes, she is :) And agreed that is pleasant, but my thinking is about an imaginations.. got no face, yet :)

It was my pleasure, trust me.

@Tinni -
Thank you! :D

@Stuti -
Thanks! :D Though the lover girl is still in an imaginatively faceless form! :P

@Vinati -
Thank you! :)

@Tarunima -
Thanks! :) I had more in my mind, but that would have been too expressive!

@Angel -
I assume you are pointing at me, I loved the compliment! Thank you :)

@Manshaa -
Happy (am I)?
Indeed, thanks to you :)

Unknown said...

Ahh, the words of love so beautiful, so enchanting. Makes me want to start a relationship all over again.