What if, men could menstruate?


Sometime back, I read a note on this topic on my friend’s Facebook profile. This question was too tempting for me to avoid. Like always, I had an opinion, and this is what I said :

At the first instance or thought, we'd declare war with whosoever's scheming idea it was while living with it, may be while watching that cricket match on Television, we would be keenly looking out for those new car commercials and the 'Ads for Pads' !

No, not just any pads, not al all, these would be super-sized, and manly, with racing stripes and diagonals, with that Old Spice or Axe fragrance or with a Harley-Davidson logo; so that we can flaunt it as well!


And we’d have sizes for all occasions and ‘figures’: Large, Xtra Large, and for the bigger babies 'Hung-like-you-can't-imagine!' :D

You see, if only Men could menstruate; it would be something we men would brag about ‘how long and how much’ since we’d count it as an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event!

PS: Females would have to put up with men PMS, irritable and cribbing behaviour, ridiculous demands, unpredictable mood swings, etc and etc and etc..

4 people read and said:

maithili said...

hehehe nice one! specially the image u used :P
Well for once men could blame their hormones for their behavior :P

Live2cherish said...

you description on sizes just makes me ROFL! Image, too good.

Lehari. said...

Unbelievable use of the word "event"

lmao !
cheers !

commited to life said...

man always act like as if they are PMSing so we r anyways putting up wid that kind of behaviour