Just, half.

Is that glass half empty?

Or is it half full?
Can every glass be so full?

How long can a glass be filled for?

Is every glass the same?

Did you leave that glass there?

Or was it meant it to be there?
What if gets broken, someday?
Was it meant to be broken?
Would it get fixed, ever?

If not, who'd clean it up?

Or we'd instead replace it?

Is every glass made to be invaluable?

Half empty or full, it fluctuates.

Ain't we nothing, but affiliates

Not in the best of mind to enunciate!

Not with the loudest voice to communicate?

All you can do is appreciate

If only, you reciprocate?

2 people read and said:

Sopalakish said...

nice one Saurav bhaiyia!! :O

Sopalakish said...

nice one Saurav bhaiyia!! :O