Love, Just Love. No reasons.

She : "Enough! You've got to tell me the reason, you love me!?"
He : "No reason!"

She : "No reason? There must be atleast something good about me that you love?"
He : "No. Nothing at all! But I love you!"

She : "How do you justify that now?"
He : "It's like earthquakes’ and floods' existence; my love is beyond things like reasons. Like you know how it’d be irrational of us by believing God would design natural disasters!" 

She : "Really?! You explain our love in terms of disasters!?"
He : "Haha! You silly! I am just trying to tell you how valuable our love is to me. Finding a reason for it is like looking for a reason why God left us in darkness and let us fight each other to die miserably!"

She : "Whaaaat!! You just compared our love with war?”
He : "Alright! My beautiful Angel all I’m saying is that I don’t need any god-damned reasons to be in love with you, I don’t need anything to make me keep loving you, forever. Even if you were a witch who looked horrid, I'd still love you." 

She : "But..You...And..?"
He : "If you tried to kill me, I would still love you.”

She : "Okay, why?"
He : "No reason."

5 people read and said:

Geeta Singh said...

hmmm you can't have a reason for loving someone, it just happens and you know it....Nice1 !

the factfiction said... never seek reasons...i read somewhere that if you can pick a reason for loving someone its not love at doesnt die even if all you get is pain...huffff....the most critical feeling ever

S said...

@Geeta, yes. Love is true, only when reasons are forgotten :)

@Dreamer, true but but you seem to be going to the negative side of it. :/

Pramoda Meduri said...

Love just happens but when u r nailed down on reasons i think some of them can be said!!

mahua said...

She : "Really?! You explain our love in terms of disasters!?"

its is Disaster :|