Look into my eyes you will see, what you mean to me!

I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you
                      Get your eye-sight checked.

Believe me, you are adorable
                      Learn to lie!

You are the world to me
                      Your world is so small?

You are just so tender

You are really caring

You are my dream come true

You are the fresh change in my life

Propose Day wiki I love you

You are someone who I can relate to

Your smile makes me feel better

You are as innocent as a child

You make me see a better day everyday

Your being around gives me reasons to smile

You are so lovable

You can understand my silence

Your strength gives me strength too

You are the proof that Angels exist

You are the best person to come into my life.
                      ...I love you!

13 people read and said:

Nivedita Thadani said...

silence :-))))))
sweet one

ash89 said...

awww. Sweet!

Sakhi. said...

first three lines...TERRIFIC !

M in love said...

awww!! every girl needs someone who could say all that to her... the first three lines she loves even though she knows it gets repetitive and all guys imitate them..but they are truly the best lines she hears.. n if genuine.. sone pe suhaga!! :D well done!! loved it..

maithili said...

wow wonderful.. lucky is the girl who gets a guy who can put his feelings soo wonderfully!! how we love praises :D... the way to a girl's heart is through tender words :D

Lehari. said...

I wonder if it really is that easy ??

I guess not..but for exceptions like one in your post..the too-good-to-be-true case...it feels like heaven to me..

commited to life said...

:) :)

commited to life said...

:) :)
i wonder if such genuine guys exist

S said...

@Niveditha -
Thank! :)

@Ash -

@Sakhii -
Thanks. Not the rest?

@M in love -
Don't tell me they won't like the rest of the lines. Words anyway have their own limitations, not to blame guys! :p
Thanks a lot! :)

@Maithili -
And I'd assume me to be that guy, and the girl as my imagination and hence I am so awesome! Thanks! :D

@Lehari -
It does, trust me.
Heavens exist too, somewhere!

@committed to life -
They do, you know me! :D

commited to life said...

:P :P
do i???

S said...

@commited to life -
I guess you do, and anyway you can talk to me :)

Live2cherish said...

simple words yet so much when they mean and when you have a receiver at the other end.

Vinati said...

Did you actually think of all these lines? :)
A sugar-sweet post, it is. :)