When she lost her…

Relax Prisha.
             No, I can’t.

You are over-reacting!
             Sahil, I couldn’t afford to lose it.

Calm down, not all is lost!
             But how could you do that?

Prisha, it just happened.
             You are so irresponsible, Sahil!


Shout and cry, if it helps.
             You really won’t understand.

             Can you get me back what I lost?

Prisha …
             Just tell me, yes or no!

Alright! I’d get you a new TV remote today! Happy?

12 people read and said:

Rewa said...

Hey bhaggu! I was so serious while reading it. damn :)
Enjoyable write up

Simran said...


Monica Dhiman said...

i was like....what was lost ur they r like damn serious...tu bhi na :P daraya mat kar.

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

i would say it damn funny?!?!? huh!!! ;)

maithili said...

This time I knew this was going to be something else than what the title said :D !!! But a nice read anyway ... although it's beyond me how Sahil could lose a remote! :D :D

Pavitra said...

Hahahaha....really funny...
you had me all serious at first..
damn i feel stupid now :|

S said...

@Rewa -
Your fault! :p Thanks!

@Simran -

@Monica -
You see, remote was lost! :p

@Pria -
Was it? ;)

@Maithli -
Damn! I couldn't maintain the suspense :/ This story cropped in my mind, only after I remember how I broke it once :D

@Pavitra -
I am so glad :D No, not about the fact that it made you feel stupid ;)

Blogman said...

Cool :)

kelvin s.m. said...

..lol... your silly... i was curious 'bout the title so i decided to go on readin'... at first i thought this was a series of serious and emotional love story but oh,damn... you had me with that...hahaha... damn that remote... lolzzz... btw, i've added myself here..i think this is a coOl page...(:

Good day.


Angel said...

Writer, nice ! hahaha..

mysteriousme said...

Was going through
And almost lost in it.. What's next!
Arrived and laughed at my own reaction
Slapped my head lightly
But the grin hasn't gone as yet
Butterflies still within
Good. The brain should know how to tackle
Serious excitement followed by-
An immediate and a Stupid laughter :D

mysteriousme said...

Was going through it
And after each line a thought came in- What's next!
Arrived. Laughed
Lightly slapped my head
Continued with my tasks anyway
But the grin is still there
Also butterflies within
Yes the brain could be fooled
With serious excitement followed by-
An immediate and a stupid laughter :D