For them love was more than love, more eternal …

Few days ago, Anam confessed she loves me. She has always been nice to me and I liked her too, but just as a friend.

Though I still use to go around with her. She could never be more then a best friend, I have ever had. Giving her a false hope was the last thing I’d liked her to have,, but probably I hoped against my own hope too?

I never gave her an answer but we still went around a lot. And as they say love has it’s own way to reach you, I eventually realised my love for her, there was something I felt for her too; and that was deeper then love. It was then I understood how important it was to be something to someone.

She was waiting for me there at Central Park, Connaught Place and not many were there at that time of the evening surprisingly. While she sat there, I went behind her and wrapped her in my arms. That hug, I thought was supposed to make her special and in love. Wasn’t it supposed to make her feel magical? Wasn’t it supposed to confirm my feelings for her?

"I love you." I whispered into her ear.

Arjun, I tried to get myself to fall in love with you.” she relented. “But I couldn't, I lied to you. For some reason, something is still stopping me to love you back. May be I lost the trust in love and emotions? I mean… I'm sorry. I don't know what I feel anymore. I think I’ll never get to know how it is to love someone… And I can't return anyone's feelings anymore."

"It's fine." I calmly replied.

"I am cold, my feelings are numb! How is that fine for you?!" she was too confused and irritated at the same time. 
“Arjun, there is a lot more coming to make me feel worse than I am already feeling. After my first guy, I may never fall in love with anyone. My emotions have rusted; I may not feel love ever!”

"Fine… No matter how much you are cold, I will keep letting you know how special you are to me! Ohh yes, even if you are unable to love me back, I will have that love for you as a smile on my face for you, always!"


Five years later, they are married. Arjun with his love, made her realize that even if she was unable to feel those same emotions as he had for her, how it is still possible to melt someone's heart, for even a millisecond which can last for a lifetime. It was Arjun who made her realize how easy lust is; or how hard love could be; but liking someone is the most difficult; and it was only after sometime Anam realized how anyone can be passionate and crazy, but it takes a lot of persistence and hopes to be in love, real love.

Indeed, love never has any ending, but a new beginning every second ! :)

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Angel said...

Sir Sounav , what an inspiring piece! Yes,.love really moves in mysterious ways. I believed if you are meant ,it will happen !in the end... Love is the only thing that counts. It's stronger than death.

I didn't call u now a writer:)

Unknown said...

Wow! The man is awesome .. It's a happy ending =)

S said...

@Angel -
I like compliments seriously. But I'd like it more if you call me just Sourav. Thank you, but I don't think I am old enough to be called Sir ! :P
Jokes apart, if you hold on to love holds you back as well, and yes death is way stronger :)

Thank you so much, yes some readers wanted a happy end or rather beginning :)

Sourabh K Rao said...

superb piece man:) true love ll find its way takes time :) patience is the key

Rewa said...

Super cool :)
I like happy ending, cant help human tendency. Pure, sublime, real ♥ loved it.

Gargi Gupta said...

Sourav "Sir"- A nice read...Sir represents "respect" and not only "age"....So enjoy the respect you get and you deserve it too :)

Angel said...

Sourav, Ms.Droopy was right,it meant my respect and not in age :D

S said...

@ZeroCool -
Thanks a lot bro. You are right, patience pays well and sweet too :D

Rewa -
If it's happy, it's not the end. And thank you so much :)

@Gargi (Droopy Rose) -
Thank you Ma'm. And I know Angel used 'Sir' as a term to show respect. But I'd rather get all the love, respect follows automatically :D
Thanks a lot, if you really think so :)

@Angel -
Now this is better, Sourav I am! :D Thanks, you really are sweet :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

So true
it really takes a lot of persistence and hopes to be in love, real love.

Nicely expressed !!

Nidhi.. said...

So cute!! If someone like him is there in each one of our lives, it cannot get any better.

Luckyless said...

Starry eyed,
Fully in love,
Quivering dove,
Hugs implied.. ♥

Sony said...

I commented but dont know why it is not shown, I liked it and glad to see they are not Sahil and prisha.
It needs really strong love to accept some one, from where you know that feelings may never be returned.

S said...

@Jyoti -
Yes, it is. Love needs a lot of patience. Thanks :)

@Nidhi -
We all get such love in our lives at some point. Keep your eyes open, and mind closed :D

@Luckyless -
:) Thanks for the follow and that sweet note!

@Sony -
May be there was some error. And I am so happy you've been all the stories so closely! :)
You are so right, and that is only possible when one is one love, true love :)

kenv said...

I never waver to an erratic belief that you can‘t love any further once you have fallen out it. We can never be too numb seeing love, as you describe it, has no definite ending. Your new follower. :) All the way from Manila.

Bhavana said...

Sourav ur write-up actually touched n melted my heart!!:o)

True loving,caring and sharing attitude can work wonders in rekindling,igniting the flame of love n healing a sore heart.
Love is a loop, it regenerates itself to last forever. An admirable piece of work!!(y)

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Hi sourav!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...
I just came across ur space with ur comment on mine...I should thank you for that without which I may not found such a lovely space here..

Coming to ur story,as I started it I thought if it was real!Left with mixed thoughts while completing it..what u said is so true.. :)

True love and care towards a person will surely gains it back :)

I liked ur blog and will surely take time to read out all ur articles!

Thanks and keep visiting mine :)

maithili said...

I had to check once if I m on the write blog!! This was simple yet meaningful! The message at the end was so so true! Fab work writer!!

S said...

@Ken -
So true. Love is too warm to let that numbness stay on, it will melt you down :)
Thank you so much, hope to see you around more now.

@Bhavana -
I am so glad. Liked your comment, true love is the best of medicines, if taken in right doses :D
Thanks a lot :)

@Gowthami -
I am so happy you came back, though I never comment to get people back on my blog. Instead I should thank you!
Since you are reading my blog for the first time, I should tell you that the content, stories, poems and prose on my blog have all a tinge of reality to it; either directly or indirectly known to me :) Will sure see you around more. Take care.

@Maithili -
Okay, your comment confused if my last posts were not good enough or this post was too good? :p
But thanks for liking and calling me a writer, makes me happy :)

Live2cherish said...

ahaa, happy endings :)