From Toronto, Montreal ‘Slutwalk’ comes to India now – Seriously?

The word ‘slut’ is no longer demeaning as ‘slutwalking’ has become a global phenomenon with women world over donning shorts, fishnet tights, high heels and going on protest marches carrying slogans like ‘NOT asking for it,’ ‘Sluts are not as disgusting as Toronto police services,’ and ‘Proud sluts,’ to fight against chauvinistic remarks made by people like Canadian cop, Michael Sanguinetti who said, “Women should avoid dressing like ‘sluts’ in order not to be victimised.”


Slutwalking gained popularity in Canada after a judge, presiding over a rape case pronounced in his courtroom that since the victim was wearing make-up and drinking, “rape was in the air”. He felt the victim’s clothes and behaviour were to blame for her plight and decided to let the rapist off without any jail time, just probation.

These callous male views made co-creators of the concept and walk, Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis coin the term ‘Slutwalking.’ On April 3, 2011, 3,000 people joined the walk in Canada. This concept became such a hit that women in Japan, the US and Australia walked, to make their point heard. And now girls in Delhi, one of India’s most dangerous cities for women, will bring out their shorts and fishnets on June 25 to do the same. Looking at the way many actresses, even big stars like Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif, who in spite of being blessed with bodyguards, get mobbed by unruly crowds who feel it is ok to pounce on them, slutwalking may just be what we Indians need to make men understand that nobody, even the miniskirt and make-up wearing girls, asked to be raped.
by Gayatri Reddy, Deccan Chronicle. – June 8th, 2011

My friend Rashmi Rao shared this article with me today over Facebook. The moment I read this, I was clueless about my own opinion:

What? In Delhi, really? This should be called 'The arse-holes delight'
Seriously, I see no point!

While many Bollywood celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Shriya Saran, Sayali Bhagat and many more have spoken loud supporting this event, I really doubt if any of them will come over to Delhi and participate in this event. Let me summarize their modest efforts to get some fame -

As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers”

Okay, I may bash these ‘loud-mouths’ a lot more, but coming back to the topic. I am sharing my friend Rashmi Rao’s no-nonsense views, which I thought was really practical and made perfect sense to me:

“After setting ur testosterone jumping..On a second thought this campaign has a point. But the way of approach is wrong. Woman shouldn’ t be blamed for rape just because she was wearing xyz.. In this country even children, woman clad in a Saree get raped. Rather they should have held a training camp for life skills and give away pepper sprays.”

I think women dressed in Niqaab/burkhas, saris and shorts are all considered equals by those letchers and frustrated men, who just lack any sensitivity, respect and empathy towards women. If they are out their trying to prove a point to the rapists, this event could come out as a major failure. Stop talking uselessly, if you are trying to prove a point to those insane rapists please get those freaks out in the public, hang them in the middle of the street or better leave them to the mercy of public. These rapists never understood the word ‘morality’ at the first place, a talk/walk won’t get them any sanity.

By the way, we all get robbed too; so shouldn’t we get all the money out from the lockers and the banks accounts, and start walking on the roads with it to make those robbers saner and more humane? Well..

And I am sure those rapists would actually come in mobs to see the ‘sluttish-dressed’ women, a treat for their eyes and they may even find their next prey here? Somehow this whole event doesn’t make enough sense to me. Another attention seeking stunt or an effort to get societal approval for the term ‘slut’ ? Whatever, I find it as a waste of time, resources and yes, traffic jams in this already super-crowded ‘Saddi-Dilli

Do you have anything to say or anywhere to walk? Or do you believe in actions, the real one?

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nidhiwrites said...

WTF.... is this true??? Cant believe what I just read

S said...

Yes, Nidhi it is!

kenv said...

I would have to agree with that article. Protesting in public for respect along with that sort of outfit is completely farcical. They are harlot and utterly offensive themselves. Like it wont change the way they are unless they do something less provocative.

Jyoti Mishra said...

idea is perfect.... and tactful too.
But I guess it won't work here in India.

Vinati said...

This topic reminds me of my presentation

Anyway..what I feel is that this Slut Walk is very important, not for those insane and conscience-less rapists but for the whole society. It's the society that blames the victimized girls for getting raped and then traumatizing her further. And it is really important to give voice to this BIG issue so that such pig-headed characters know what is right and what is WRONG!