Marked by lovable mirage!

To dip that acid heart

In the barrel of wine,

To ripe that piercing cast

And embrace

That mirage called love.

Did he touch,

-Her brow

-With his crescent lips?


She hardly believed

Did he hold her close?

She hardly felt

A stream of

Gurgling emotion

-Poured forth.

A token of love,

-Marked her Fate.

About the author:
Shreya I am pleased to announce that my blog will have a post regularly by Shreya Chatterjee who is a writer by profession and a poet at will, apart from inventing newer ways of experimenting with creative expression. When not writing, she prefers traveling, reading books by fellow writers and reviewing the same and catching up with friends. Her debut book "Musings of a Wanderer" has been reviewed, appreciated and featured by qualified professionals. Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at “A journey called…” or “A Vagabond and A Wizard

9 people read and said:

Kalyani Gupta said...

Filled with splendour .. nice read though :)

Angel said...

Thought provoking ! so deep....

wanderer said...

@kalyani gupta thanks a lot :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

full of emotions... Loved the feeling behind it.

Awesome read and fantastically written.

wanderer said...

@ angel and jyoti---try turning a devil into a angel~~~ all you need is a token of love :)

Shilpi said...

I likey.. :)

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Anonymous said...

deep emotions wrapped by sad feelings. liked it

wanderer said...

@ sanjana, Domain Name registration and some unspoken words

thanks to all of you, indeed I tried to conceive the ideas from the modern poets and recall the romantics at the same time. The most saddest of our tales are that of love :)