Not just another girl in the metro!

She is

Her thoughts are


Her regrets

Yet her eyes expressed

Wrote this as text on my phone, while travelling in Delhi Metro from Preet Vihar to Pragati Maidan to meet a friend. There was this girl standing right opposite to me in tears. Call me weird, but I started typing something on my phone and after every three words I stared at her to find more words and expressions. And after sometime she noticed me doing that, and asked me if I found her funny. I showed her what I typed on my phone, and she just gave me back a hidden smile. No, we didn’t talk after that, I got down at Pragati Maidan, but she was not just another face, as I looked at her deep eyes for one last time!

8 people read and said:

Vinati said...

that was really sweet!
keep writing, friend.

And thanks a lot for following my blog.. :)

Angel said...

Writer , you should have asked her name and number , she must be another soul mate around :) Beautiful blog!

S said...

@Vinati -
Thanks. It was my pleasure :)

@Angel -
I can't help but smile, every-time you call me that :)
And no, soul-mates won't be missed ..if they are to happen in ones' life; they will. We won't have to make an effort! :)

Meher said...

Know how that feels. Every time I spot a crying face in a crowd, I feel the urge to reach out, with words that is.

Gargi Gupta said...

Your lines might become a medium to recuperate for some people :) Gracious!

Monica Dhiman said...

I must say. you observe people very carefully :)nice write up

S said...

@Meher -
Hmm. And at times, words won't be enough to describe your feelings.

@Gargi -
I'd be glad, really :)

@Monica -
Thanks :) Though you know, I never try observing people, but emotions attract me very strongly!

Luckyless said...

Well observed. :)
Now I'm following you. You made me follow you. :)