…what if, I do?

Admit it! You love him, isn’t it?
          Okay, where the hell did that come from?

Can’t you just answer?
          Ohh! Do you like that movie P.S. I love you?

You should answer my question.
          Hmm, I was trying to distract you, and I don’t even remember your question now!

Acting smart? I'd repeat it anyway. You love him, isn’t that true?

You do know, who.

NO! I don't love him, he's like a brother to me.
         What if pigs can fly?

Now how does pigs and their flying relate to what I feel?
         What if he is the last man left on this planet?

Is this a ‘what if’ or something game?
         What if it is?

Obviously, yes. If he were the last man on Earth, I wouldn't have much of a choice, but..
         What if he loves you?

I guess, it won't matter to me, would it?
         What if it does?

Are you trying to imply something?
        No, but you definitely are inferring some sense out of it.

Stop playing with words, they hurt my brain.
       Brain? You have one, really?

Don't over do it.

If he does, and that matters...I...I don't know. Why would you ask me such questions? As if, you do…
      What if I do love you?

We are not playing the 'what if' game, anymore.

9 people read and said:

maithili said...

What if games! I love :P where do you get such ideas from? :) I loved this too :)


What if...

But If..

Should that..

How can you be so sure...
What if...
But If..

Let It Be.

Vinati said...

hey it was a nice post...i like this 'what if' game! :)

Shilpi said...

What if I say I like this post ;) :P

Pooja Mahimkar said...

Awesome! Happening with me right now!

S said...

@Maithili -
What if I tell you they are usually inspired by real life experiences ;)

@Priyanka -
If, actually?

@Vinati -
Thanks a lot! :)

@Sanjana -
What if I tell you, you are sweet! :D

@Pooja -
Thanks! Really, share your experience in your post next time :)

Lehari. said...

well..all i want to say is that the "what if" games really hurts a brain..

best web hosting said...

Wonderful arguments. What if you are going to say? I love it.

sm said...

interesting post